My 2017 | A Year in Review | Me Becoming Mum

Reflecting on the past year month by month, as we head into a new one, is a great way of seeing all the good that had happened; even if some times there are moments tinged with sadness. Last year we have had a pretty wonderful year as a family, with so many wonderful memories made from our cruise to celebrating Little L's first birthday. Here are a few of my highlights from 2017.



As always we jumped straight from the new year into John's birthday. Squidgy still had a cast on after she broke her arm but that didn't stop us having a lovely day anyway!


A couple of weeks later of course is my own birthday! My in-laws popped by on their way home and we all went out to town for lunch. Little L being only a few weeks old slept through all the fun!



Squidgy turned three in February, and it was like a switch went on in her head and suddenly she wasn't my little toddler anymore, she was a little girl... so grown up and often wise beyond her years.


In March we attended my cousin's wedding and had a wonderful time together.


John and I celebrated six years of marriage during our first holiday as a family of four.

Also... I finally had enough money saved to get my tattoo fixed! Something that I have been wanting to do for years.


After a load of stress and the fear that it may not even go ahead, we finally managed to get on board the Cunard Queen Elizabeth cruise ship and spent an amazing two weeks cruising the Baltic! 


On the Bank Holiday weekend we visited Egham Royal Show, as we do every year. This was Little L's first time, and she loved it just as everyone loved seeing her there.


The first big event in September was of cours Little L's Christening. A fabulous day that you can read about on my blog (obvs) here.


Next, Squidgy started preschool. She really is growing up too fast and as I walked her in for her first day I couldn't quite believe that in one years time she would be starting "big" school! 


We also had the privilege of attending and celebrating my baby brother getting married. I still can't quite believe he now has a wife!



October saw us celebrate both my parents in law turning 60 at their joint birthday part. It was hosted at the same venue we held our wedding reception and was a lovely day.


We also visited Hill Farm PYO again this year, however this time Squidgy and I shared the day with her daddy and baby sister. It was a great way to end John's last holiday of 2017.



Remember, remember the fifth of November... We had our annual firework party!


The final month of the year obviously contained another major milestone in my little family's lives as we celebrated Little L's first birthday.

The first snow my girls had ever experienced was also during December. Is there anything better than that?!

Of course we can't miss the fact that December holds my favourite time of year! Happy Christmas!

The final moments of 2017 were spent with my gorgeous hubby at his sister's pub... the best way to see out the year!