The True Joys of Pregnancy

Little L may already be here, but that doesn't mean I can't still write about pregnancy! I wrote about the Non-Glamorous Realities of Pregnancy and decided that it wasn't good enough to do that but then not share the nice side of it too!

Your baby bump...

This is one of my favourite parts of being pregnant. Not only does it make you feel awesome, but it also makes your pregnancy feel a lot more real. Just make sure you do something to commemorate it, as you will miss it when it's gone! For R, we had a lovely maternity photoshoot with my brother of Joshua Earle Photography.

This time, as we have relocated to Peterborough, we had our photoshoot on a beautiful autumn woodland walk, with Lesley who runs Aleeka's Dreams Photography.

Feeling your baby move...

This is the best part of pregnancy. The first time I felt R move it was similar to the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you're in a car that goes a few mph too fast over a short but steep hill.

Over time the kicks and movements became clearer, until you could physically see the outline of her footprint as she kicked hard against the edge of my bump. With this pregnancy I felt Baby move earlier than with R, and the feelings were a lot clearer.

Your baby kicking inside you can be a very strange feeling, and it is almost always when you most need to be doing something for example - sleeping. Despite this it is so comforting to feel those little rolls, kicks and hiccups and know that your little one is doing OK.

Hearing your baby's heartbeat for the first time...

With R we had to wait until our 25 week midwife appointment to be given the chance to listen in. With a little warning that it was too early to hear anything, the midwife had a go at 18 weeks this time around. As if to show the midwife that she was wrong, our little girl's heartbeat came through clear and strong the moment that the dopler was placed on my bump.

Sharing your pregnancy with your family...

When I was pregnant with R, John was involved at every stage. He attended all of my midwife appointments, scans and hospital stays. He loved being able to join in - it was his way of being a part of the pregnancy that I was carrying.

This time we have had R with us too. She has been fascinated by all the different aspects of my pregnancy, especially when she has attended my appointments with me. Our midwife has been amazing, and let her be involved - helping taking my blood pressure and standing her on a stool when we listen to L's heartbeat.

Seeing your baby at your prenatal scans...

Being able to see our girls on each of their prenatal scans, from the 2D to the 4D was the most amazing experience. Each time seeing them grow, change and develop before our eyes; to see the changes but also the continuing strong heart beat.

Of course it is amazing to be able to see your child in the flesh on the day that they are born; but there are such amazing memories that are made when you visit the sonographer. Being able to have that experience - especially if you share it with others like your partner and children -  is remarkably special.

What was your favourite thing about you (or your partner) being pregnant?

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