The Ultimate Four Season Gardening Guide

I love gardening but it was only when we moved to Peterborough that we finally had a proper garden to plant things in. I have tried in the last few years to keep on top of it but that is not always easy; especially now that we have two little ones running about the place. It's made even more difficult by me having little to no idea about when to plant bulbs and seeds to get the perfect coverage all year around, but I have been determined to try, especially since Squidgy started taking an interest!

When I was sent the details of the Ultimate Four Season Gardening Guide that can be found on the Rattan Direct website, it seemed like it was written just for me! With all the details you could possibly need of how to care for you garden through all four seasons, it is simply perfect. With everything from essential jobs to garden design there is everything you need to keep your garden looking great.

My grandmother was an extraordinary gardener, she always had the most beautiful flowers from potted plants to hanging baskets and lines of flower beds all perfectly landscaped. She would spend hours tending to it, and I loved visiting her and spending time with my family outside amongst the colours.

On top of this, my father in law won awards for his garden, and made displays at the Chelsea Flower show. I have a lot to live up to from both sides of the family, and maybe now that I know a bit more about what and when to plant throughout the year I will be able to better plan my time and have a garden at least a little better than it currently is!

I know that I will be bookmarking the guide and keeping it close at hand so that I can try and make the most of the garden that we have, and so should you! Make sure you pop over and have a read of it here.

Disclaimer: This content is written in collaboration with Rattan Direct.