Underfloor Heating vs. Radiator Heating

At this time of year, as the temperature begins to drop and we head into the colder autumn and winter months, people begin to think about switching on their heating. Many, like me, are constantly thinking about the cost. We have radiators in our home, and running them is not a cheap thing to do.

When I was reading Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies guide to underfloor heating vs radiator heating here on their website it made so much sense to me. With everything from a description of what underfloor heating is to a list of pros (far outweighing the list of cons!) and even an infographic with all the information you need on it, it is so useful for anyone considering making the move to underfloor heating to heat their home.

We are currently renting our property, and as such we don't really have much of a say in the way that our house is designed. This will not be the case when we have our own home, which we are carefully saving towards doing. We have so many things to consider when talking about owning our own home, and underfloor heating has come up on more than one occasion; so reading through Underfloor Heating Trading Supplies information has really helped to show my husband why I want it!

Be sure to pop over to the Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies website and have a look at the guide for yourself!

Disclaimer: This content is written in collaboration with Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies.