Creating the Perfect Urban Oasis

Living in the city means that you can end up stuck in a concrete jungle without too many places to escape to in order to relax and unwind; that is of course unless you fancy chilling out in a super public place such as a central city park. A way to counteract this is to create your own urban oasis.

There are so many ideas to help you make your own perfect retreat in Rattan Direct's Urban Oasis guide on their website here. They have ideas for everyone; whether you have an outdoor area to use, or live in a flat. They cover what plants to use and how to enhance your very own urban oasis.

Earlier this year, my dad put a load of work into my parent's back garden in order to turn it into their own city sanctuary. It may not be the biggest space but they now have everything from a pond to a patio and it is the perfect place to rest and relax at the end of a long day at work. I have seen first hand how much of a difference putting a little effort into your own urban oasis can make, and there are so many fab ideas in Rattan Direct's guide that will help you on your way.


Disclaimer: This content is written in collaboration with Rattan Direct.