Finding the Perfect Companion for your Plants

One thing that John has always said he wants to do, ever since we got together all those years ago, is live self sufficiently way from the hustle and bustle of the city. Although we are not quite at that stage, we do like to plant and grown our own fruit and vegetables in the garden... but it can be so hard to know which plants can be put together in the same pots and beds.

Reading through First Tunnels' Companion Planting Guide was fab, as it gave me a few great ideas about which of my seedlings could be planted together. The guide doesn't just cover fruit and veg however, it also has an in depth guide into companion planting flowers, herbs and more!

This year we will be re sowing some of the pumpkin seeds from our Autumn pick and carve, as well as trying to grow some more veg for next year. I can't wait to give companion planting a go and see if it helps make an even better harvest for making all the yummy cooks and bakes my family love. For now I am having to select our favourites from the supermarket, but fingers crossed our little seeds will bear good fruit next year!


Disclaimer: This content is written in collaboration with First Tunnels.