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Your prom is usually the biggest event of your high school life, and getting it right is important. Here are my top five tips for ensuring you have the best prom experience ever. After all, it only happens once!

John and me at my high school prom

Choose the right outfit

No offence to the guys getting ready for prom, but it is so much easier for them! Finding the right prom dress is one of the biggest parts of getting ready for prom for us girls, we just want it to be perfect. There are two important things to consider when choosing your prom dress:

  • The venue. If your prom is being held in a fancy hotel, you will want to dress the part. A beautiful gown would not go amiss! However if your prom is mainly outdoors, you might want to opt for a shorter dress style.

  • Your body shape. Teenagers going through puberty are constantly changing shape. You want to look your best, so be sure to choose a dress that fits your body type.

Planning your perfect night and being able to find a prom dress to suit you is easy when you have advice from companies like Prom Dresses; who are there specifically to guide you every step of the way! From dresses to accessories to travel you can find it all in one place and take the stress out of planning your prom.

Set a budget

You do not have to spend thousands on your prom to make it the most amazing night. There is an inbuilt need to compete within most of us, and we want to try and look, feel and be the best. However it is possible to look amazing and fit right in without breaking the bank. My top tips for saving money and still being the belle of the ball are:

  1. Do your own hair (or ask a friend to help!) There are so many tutorials out there these days, there is no reason you can’t have an amazing hairstyle fit for a princess without having to ask a hairdresser to do it for you. A simple search through Pinterest is bound to bring up plenty of options for you to choose from.

  2. Don’t be afraid to do your own make-up. Once again, a short search on Instagram or Pinterest will provide a wealth of tutorials to save you money on paying a professional make up artist to do it for you.

  3. Split costs where you can. Rather than travelling to your prom alone or with your partner, why not go with a group of friends. you can split the cost of the limo (or whatever you decide to arrive in!) between you and your friends.

  4. Buy second hand accessories. I have found eBay to be one of the bets places to buy nearly new shoes and accessories (and sometimes brand new!) that people have worn once or decided not to wear at all. Rather than buying designer shoes brand new, full price, double check if you can find the same pair at a budget busting price elsewhere.

John and me at my high school prom

Get ready with friends

Getting ready for prom is a fun, exciting experience. Doing it with your best friends makes it even more so. They can be there to offer advice, help do up your dress, and of course travel with you to the prom! There are so many ways that being with your friends can make the experience that much more memorable, and these days there are so many ways of recording those memories with phone and cameras readily available. You will treasure those moments for years to come, even if you lose touch.

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Don’t forget your reservations and appointments

In order for your prom day to go off without a hitch, it is important to remember to book in any appointments or reservations as far in advance as possible. If you’re staying at the hotel hosting your prom (or one locally) for example, you will want to book a room as soon as you can, as it is likely they will book up fast. If you decide to go with professional hair and make-up it is important to remember the hairdresser and make-up artist are also likely to fill their books quickly, so be sure to get your name down early!

John and I at my high school prom with friends

Lastly, have fun… (responsibly!)

Your prom is the culmination of your years in high school, and often the time that you say goodbye to friends and teachers and get ready to start a whole new adventure. It is the perfect opportunity to have fun, let loose and enjoy yourself; but it is important to do so responsibly! The last thing you want is to forget what an amazing night you had, or end up ill and having to leave the party early.

Having fun with friends

So there you go, five ways that you can ensure your prom goes off without a hitch… now all you have to do it get ready and enjoy! I hope that these tips can help you make sure that you have the best time possible and know that you don’t have to break the bank to be able to have the perfect prom.


Disclaimer: This post is a collaborative post with Prom Dresses who asked me to write about my experiences of getting ready for prom.