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There is nothing more precious than your baby. From the moment you become a parent your life is totally involved with protecting that tiny little human you created; including their most delicate feature - their skin.


When it comes to protecting your baby's skin, one of the most important parts of their body to protect is obviously the sensitive parts inside the nappy - and that is where Bepanthen comes in.

No matter how soft the wipes, how carefully you clean your baby, what type of nappy you use, or how many times you bathe them; the fact that the baby poos and wees in their nappies means there is always going to be some sort of irritation in that area, as their skin is super absorbent and sensitive. 

I use Bepanthen every time I change Little L's nappy. With my girls, I have used (and continue to use) cloth nappies. The soft materials that make these nappies up help to reduce the level of redness, however even with these nappies I have noticed sore, raw skin begin to appear, and the discomfort that is causes my newborn baby.

Here's some reasons why I love Bepanthen:

love the tube design...

The new style tubes, with their click lids and easy squeeze body make the cream quick to open, and effortless to get extract. Furthermore, the soft, creamy texture makes it super simple to apply, and it feels great on your skin when you do, too! Both of these points are super important when it comes to holding down a writhing, less than impressed baby, who dislikes their nappy being changed!


I love that you can use Bepanthen from birth...

Thanks to the fact that it does not contain any fragrances, preservatives, colours or antiseptics, it is also safe to use on the earliest of skin - even that of premature babies.

I love that Bepanthen is super gentle...

The Bepanthen nappy care ointment is the most gentle nappy cream that I have ever used.

During the early days with R - before we discovered her skin was bad because she was allergic to disposable nappies - we tried everything. I mean, literally everything.

None of the creams that we used came close to the silky texture and gentle coverage that Bepanthen offers.

I love Bepanthen's ability to help skin heal...

I have seen - on more than one occasion - ow well it helps the skin to heal. This doesn't just apply to helping reduce the redness of nappy irritation; I have used Bepanthen elsewhere too!

After Little L's skin lost the layer of vernix that she was born with, she began to get patches of dry, peeling skin. After a couple of trials, rubbing Bepanthen in to the areas worst affected, it was as if the skin was never damaged in the first place.

I love that Bepanthen doesn't just heal, it protects... 

Bepanthen is a fantastic product to protect your baby's skin from damage. As you apply the cream, it rubs in to make a transparent, breathable layer of protection on your baby's skin.  It contains pro-vitamin B5, which aids natural skin recovery, and helps to keep your little one's skin soft, smooth and moisturised.

I love that Bepanthen has worked for us...

Since I have been using Bepanthen her skin has been wonderful - both inside my baby's nappy and outside of i. It is silky smooth and looks so much healthier with no sign of the raw redness that appears with nappy rash and irritation.

I love that the Bepanthen brand offers more than just nappy care...

Bepanthen doesn't just offer nappy care ointment, despite the fact that this is probably their most recognisable product. There are other products in their range too!

You can find out all about them on the Bayer Bepanthen website.

On their website, Bepanthen ay their ointment works in two ways to protect and care from the causes of nappy rash; it aids natural skin recovery and is clinically proven to maintain a natural protective barrier.

I have seen both of these points in action on my wee one's skin, and I am so glad that I found this amazing cream and I am sure that I will continue to use it well into the future.

If you are interested in purchasing Bepanthen's nappy care ointment you can do so at most major retailers and chemists including Boots, Tesco and more.

Disclaimer: The team at Bepanthen sent me some samples of their nappy ointment and their soft toy elephant, in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.