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One of my daughter's favourite TV programmes is Paw Patrol, so when I was given the opportunity to order a personalised adventure book for her, I was so excited... and I knew she would be too.


The first thing I noticed when I opened the package, was that the book itself is fantastically made. I had the pleasure of receiving a hardback copy; and it is both sturdy and well made - certainly the perfect design to withhold against the wear and tear a toddler will cause!

Secondly, the cover design is beautiful. The colours are strong and vibrant - ideal when you consider the books are designed for children. Furthermore there are pictures from the story, including the recognisable characters; which immediately made my daughter super excited and want to open it up to read it.

In our household, one of the best things about books is my daughter's adoration for them. She loves them both being read to her and - now that she is a little older - she also enjoys simply sitting and having a flick through them herself.

Almost immediately upon turning through the pages - even though she is too young to actually read the words - she recognised the story; and began telling it to me before I had a chance to read it to her.

The book is based on one of the episodes from the Paw Patrol TV programme. The episode is on the Winter Rescue DVD; and of course being a Christmas one was also readily available on Demand, on TV and on the Sky Kids app when we received the book - so R has seen it plenty of times, and can pretty much recite the entire script!

In the time leading up to Christmas 2016, R really got into everything from the lights and decorations to the idea of Father Christmas coming to fill her stocking. This episode includes the big man red himself. The excitement on her face was undeniable, when she realised that the book was not only a Paw Patrol one, but was based on one of her favourite episodes.

As most books do, this Paw Patrol book begins with an opening title page - and, as with the rest of the story, it has been personalised. R is very good at recognising her name this days and was so excited to see her name in the book.

Throughout the story, her name continued to appear, and each time it did her face lit up. She continuously grinned, saying things like, "mummy that's me!" as I read it to her.

She was most disappointed when it ended - I think she almost expected the characters to appear in her bedroom to play! I guess she'll have to make do with seeing them on the back cover, reading about them and watching them on TV!

Having her name - and thus, in her mind, her - involved in one of her favourite stories has made story time before bed a lot more interesting and exciting for the both of us. 

Despite it's Christmas theme, this personalised Paw Patrol book has quickly become one of her all time favourites and we are still reading it, even though Christmas is over!

You can find this book and tonnes of other designs on the Oh My Gift website.

Disclaimer: The lovely team at Oh My Gift sent me a personalised book for my daughter from their range, in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.