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When my friend and I took a trip to London with my two girls in tow, to attend the Baby Show at the ExCel arena a short while ago, little did I know, I would end up falling in love with some new brands I had never come across before, including the awesome Elizabeth Brown Maternity who offer a range of maternity and nursing clothing from teeny sizes to plus sizes.

One thing that always frustrates me about being a breastfeeding mama is the distinct lack of decent, well priced items appropriate to wear, that don't look like frumpy mummy clothes. Coming across this amazing brand certainly made my day, and I have fallen in love with them and their awesome maternity and nursing ranges. Here are a few reasons why I love Elizabeth Brown Maternity!

The range is beautiful and versatile

There are so many options available from plain casual clothing to items suitable for dressing up. I have the beautiful  crossover dress which I have dressed up with pretty jewellery and high heels for a date night with my hubby, as well as their long, plain black tee which I favour wearing with jeans and flats for a day out with my family. Both look fabulous on, are super comfy and are available in the same place, on the Elizabeth Brown Maternity website. What more could you want from a brand? 

There is a massive range of sizes

Whatever height, size or shape you are, as a mama-to-be or a nursing mama, you deserve to be able to find clothing that looks good and fits nicely, and of course, is fit for purpose. With their offering of size 6 to 28 across their range and petite to long in their trouser lengths, Elizabeth Brown Maternity offer a wonderful selection to suit your needs.

I purchased my friend a pair of Elizabeth Brown Maternity's maternity joggers and she practically lives in them. When she fell pregnant, she found it very difficult as a plus size lady, to find clothes at a reasonable price in her size. I have never seen her so happy as when she realised all the clothes within this range could be bought in her size.

They offer fantastic customer service

I made a pretty awful discovery after the first wash of my beautiful You & Me top, the print came off! I was mortified, and wondered if I had done something wrong (despite washing it inside out and on a 30 degree wash!) When I contacted them, they checked another of their stock and discovered there was an error with the printing. Immediately they recalled the product, contacted their printers to rectify the error, and organised for a new one to be sent out to me ASAP (they did offer a refund but I like the top too much to not have it!)

The speed of which they rectified the error, their amazing communication, and the way the whole episode was dealt with was fantastic, and their level of customer service was second to none. Hopefully no more problems will occur, but you can rest assured that if they did, it would be dealt with perfectly!

Washed out t-shirt transfer

You would never know they are not "normal" clothes

If you saw me wearing this beautiful You & Me layered tee, would you believe I was wearing nursing wear? If you're honest, you will say no! Wearing clothing that is not automatically marked as breastfeeding friendly but is totally fit for that purpose makes me so happy. 
I love this top and it is my number one go-to when I am popping out. I love to pair it up with a pair of jeans and be comfy as well as looking good when I'm nursing out and about! It comes in black and white (who doesn't love a bit of monochrome?!) and also a pretty dusky pink, if you prefer!
Breastfeeding in one up one down top from Elizabeth Brown Maternity

This maternity and nursing clothing is fabulously priced

There is something about selling maternity or nursing wear that seems to make people think that they can hike the prices up, as they are selling "specialist" clothing. It is super annoying, but I have found that this is not the case with Elizabeth Brown's clothing. For those of us on slightly tighter budgets than others this is great news, for the price of one tee from another brand, you can buy two here, safe in the knowledge you are still getting a well made, wonderful product that will last as long as you need it to.

If you like the sound of the fab range available from Elizabeth Brown Maternity be sure to check out their website and order yourself some maternity or nursing wear today!

Disclaimer: Although I have bought some items from this amazing small business, I was given a small discount on them, and sent a couple of pieces in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.