Changing Bag for Travel | Babymule Review | Me Becoming Mum

When we knew that we would be travelling abroad with our little family, my husband and I began racking our brains to think of everything that we would need to ensure a safe and relaxing holiday for all of us. I am a list person, so I began creating lists to cover every possible thing that we would need. From things we'd need when on board the Queen Elizabeth, when on land at the ports we were due to stop at, and also when travelling to and from the holiday itself.

One of the biggest must haves on our list was the "ultimate" changing bag, and we decided would be best if it was a rucksack; mainly as this would give us the versatility we needed when moving from car, to ship to walking in port. That was when we came across the totally awesomeย Babymule. This bag is not only large and stylish, but ticks all the boxes in terms of what we were looking for in our new changing bag; especially as it had straps to make it a rucksack.

Choose your style...

Obviously having chosen the Babymule for its rucksack feature, this is the way that we have always used it. The great thing about this bag, however, is that the backpack straps can tuck away and you can change it into a messenger bag using the hidden shoulder strap. Alternatively leave all the straps hidden away all together, and clip it straight onto your pushchair; something that is perfect for people who use pushchairs like our Doona that has one handle and no way of attaching a changing bag to it.

Poppers and pockets designed for a purpose...

Another great thing about the Babymule is the fact that is comes with a number of compartments to allow you to secure various items in place, as well as poppers that you can attach the accessories to, inclusion the coin purse and bottle bag, that way you can't lose them in the bag! 

Children Mean Cleaning...

Not only is the Babymule made out of a waterproof fabric, that makes it nice and easy to wipe clean should your children snot all over it, or wipe their grubby hands up and down it, but it is fully machine washable. In the unlikely event that one or more of your children throw up all over, or cover the Babymule in something that doesn't simple wipe off, it is always good to know that you can just pop it in the washing machine and have it back to normal in the blink of an eye.

My favourite thing about the Babymule...

The Babymule doesn't look as big as it really is. It is stylish, and perfectly designed to make the most of the space that is has, without looking like it is bigger than the person wearing it. To be fair, it is just about as big as my seven month old daughter, but when I was wearing it I did not look like it was that big, neither did it feel too big. Having two children (and hoping to have more in the future) means that we have to consider the extras that we may need for each of them. From nappies and cream for the baby to spare clothes for our toilet trained toddler. Plus as a breastfeeding mum I always carry a spare top and breast pads with me. All of this and more fit effortlessly inside our Babymule!


Just in case you were wondering what is inside the Babymule...

With it's two main compartments totaling twenty two litres of space, it's no wonder they were able to include so much inside. It literally has everything you could possibly think of that you may need at one point or other as a parent, every accessory, bag, or helpful "just in case" item is packed away just inside this amazing rucksack.

  • A Bottle Bag; ensuring that your baby's milk bottle or toddlers sippy cup is safely stored away and will stay warm or cool thanks to its insulating qualities.

  • A Travel Changing Mat; for those inevitable moments that a nappy needs changing in a place that doesn't have a proper changing facility available. I can't tell you how many times I have used our stroller as an alternative changing place. It's also padded and you can wipe it clean!

  • A Coin Purse; complete with a popper to attach it to the bags interior meaning it is safe from sticky fingers (and practically impossible to get out even if you want to!)

  • A Wet Bag; hidden away inside the coin purse and perfect for storing wet clothes in it the case of a baby poo-splosion or those potty training accidents we all have to clean up after.

  • A Small Carabiner; to make sure your keys have somewhere safe to be kept and you don't lose them in the bottom of the bag, because we have all spent ages rooting around in the bottom of a bag at some point or other since becoming parents... at least I know I have!

  • A Nappy Pouch / Cool Bag; which is insulated and works well for snacks or any other extras that you know every parent needs for those needy mini humans we're raising if you choose not to use it to hold nappies.

Did you know that this awesome changing bag also comes in a number of different designs too? I love the fact that ours is plain and simple, and it means that my hubby is happy to use it too. There are four alternative plain colours as well as three woodland print options too. You can check out the full range here on their website.

Press play on the video below (created by Babymule) to show you all the features it has inside... So you don't have to just take my word for it, you can see for yourself!


Disclaimer: I was sent our amazing Babymule in time for us to use it whilst on holiday, in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.