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There are two things that my girls love more than pretty much anything else in the world… Being outside and getting messy with a bit of crafty fun. I have always encouraged their inquisitive natures and with the new Mud & Bloom subscription boxes we have been trying out I can get some fabulous inspiration to help them connect with nature. Here are my thought on the September and October boxes that we were sent to enjoy.

The concept

Mud & Bloom offer amazing boxes on subscription that incorporate a variety of activities that including planting seeds and seasonal crafts. Their idea was to create something that is fun and educational aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 8. Each month for just £7.95 (with free postage!) you can receive a seasonal tailored box straight to your door. As well as encouraging children to get outdoors and put their hands to gardening and crafts they try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. From using as many plastic free materials as possible, to using certified organic seeds and recyclable packaging they’re doing their part to be good to the environment.


Inside the box

Mud & Bloom provide a variety of leaflets with all the instructions for each activity you need. Whether you are looking to create an awesome seasonal craft or follow easy steps to grow your own vegetables or flowers it’s all there. The leaflets come with bright, colourful borders and cute cartoon pictures that make them easily identifiable; even to children. Alongside the leaflets inside each box, you’ll find everything you need (besides what you can locate by heading out to the garden or your local park!).


September’s box

Egg cress heads

Isn’t growing cress pretty much a right of passage for every child? I remember making cork cress heads when I was younger and the September Mud & Bloom box includes seeds and instructions for making a similar item. All you need is some egg shells and the seeds and away you go! Making egg cress heads is such an easy, fun activity to do with your children.

Grow your own lettuce

September’s box came complete with seeds and compost pellets so that we could have a go at growing our own lettuce. Over time our plan is to become as self sufficient as possible by growing our own fruit and vegetable and eventually raising chickens and more too. Where better to start than by teaching Squidgy how to grow lettuce? Hopefully in time we will have some lovely home grown lettuce to enjoy with an evening meal or two.


Autumn mobile

Squidgy’s favourite activity in the September Mud & Bloom box was the autumn mobile. Using the wooden hoop, paper ribbon and thread from inside the box we made an autumn mobile. We used a variety of autumn leaves, acorns, conkers, feathers and pine cones to give it a truly autumn feel. She was so proud of it she showed it off to everyone and anyone who would look, and even took it to school for show and tell!


October’s box

Autumn leaf bowl

I think making an autumn leaf bowl has to be my favourite activity from the Mud & Bloom boxes we were sent. It’s such a simple craft to do with a balloon, some glue and a variety of autumn leaves that Squidgy has collected. Despite being so simple, it looks fabulous with a totally effective result.

Grow your own snowdrops

There is no better sign of spring than the arrival of beautiful snowdrops appearing in the soil. They appear even before daffodils and bluebells and are such a pretty little flower. I had a lovely time with Squidgy putting soil and seeds into pots in our garden ready for them to settle and be ready to shoot in a few months time. They are such an easy flower to grow, completely self sufficient and breaking through despite snow, frost and frozen soil.

You can purchase their past boxes as a one of purchase, so if you fancy having a go at making your own autumn mobile, or cress egg heads, or autumn leaf bowl, simply visit the Mud & Bloom website and get your very own September or October subscription box!

For more reviews of products and services we use in our lives as parents raising our two girls visit my reviews page. If you have any questions about the Mud and Bloom subscription boxes which I have not covered in this post, feel free to ask in the comments section below.


Disclaimer: I was sent September and October's Mud and Bloom subscription boxes in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.