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The Our Generation Dolls and Accessories have become so popular recently. Today I'm going to share with you some of the reasons we love the range of products available to create amazing imaginative play. In particular I'm focusing on the Awesome Academy play set which Smyths Toys sent us to review, which Squidgy has had the opportunity to test out with the blonde doll, Holly, we bought for her.

There are so many items in the play set

Although the  Our Generation Awesome Academy School Room is one of the more expensive play sets available in the range, it is well worth the money as it comes with so many wonderful extra accessories as well as the school room itself. There are 92 items included within this play set which include:

  • Three pieces of real chalk and a chalk board eraser, and a highlighter which can be used on the white board.

  • Stationary such as pens, pencils and more, plus lesson books, copy books, paper and sticky notes.

  • Three storage baskets, a plant, a frame.

  • Lunchtime accessories inside a lunch box, including: spoon, pudding cup, juice bottle, Tupperware with vegetables inside and a butterfly sandwich.

  • Teacher's mug, apple and a pair of red glasses.

  • Two recycling bins.

The chalkboard and whiteboard are real

Squidgy's favourite part of the Awesome Academy playset from Our Generation is the fact it comes with chalk for the chalkboard and a highlighter which can be used on the white board. They wipe clean after so she can be free to scribble draw again after she's finished.

You'll never be short of storage space

From the drawers in the teacher's desk to the fact the student desks open in true old-school high school style to the corner shelving unit, there is plenty of space for all the amazing variety of accessories the Our Generation Awesome Academy comes with. So whether she's playing as the teacher and wants to take a class register, or as student using crayons and pencils to do their work there are plenty of sports for Squidgy to store all the items she needs.


The classroom door opens to reveal coat hooks and more

Our Generation Dolls can be made up with a number of different outfits and accessories, including, of course, coats. Outside the classroom door you'll find three storage slots split into shelving and hanging area complete with coat pegs. Squidgy decided the green storage baskets belong on the shelves and got so excited about the idea of more clothing which could be hung on the pegs, just like she hangs her P.E. kit on the peg in her own classroom at school.


Do you want to play as a teacher or a student?

With a teacher’s desk and two student desks within this play set, the Our Generation Awesome Academy gives you the option of choosing which character you wish to play. Squidgy only has one doll so enjoys playing with her being one of the other characters (either the teacher for the doll, or the student to her!) If you really wanted to, you could invest in three dolls to go with this play set, although I think using it with just one has brought out a more imaginative side in Squidgy.


Night and day play with battery operated lights

Not only are there some fabulous items included with the playset, but the school room itself is fully functional! A hidden battery compartment means you can switch on lights above the chalk board and even the white board lights up! Even Pickle was able to work out the switches. She sat next to Squidgy flicking the lights on and off, giggling and clapping at how clever she was.


One noisy school room

Whether you want to set off the fire alarm, or ring the school bell for the end of day, the school room does it all. Trying to show these features of the Our Generation Awesome Academy playset with photos is difficult. However Smyths Toys created this video which shows you all the bells and whistles (quite literally!)

The dolls, accessories and play sets available with the Our Generation dolls are fabulous; with so many options available from school to pets to vehicles and more. I love the Our Generation range. Not only because it encourages children to explore and learn through imaginative play; but because they also make great gifts for birthdays and Christmas (which is mere weeks away now!) The best part is there are items to suit any budget! Be sure to check the range out on the Smyths Toys website.


For more reviews of products and services we use in our lives as parents raising our two girls visit my reviews page. If you have any questions about the Our Generation Awesome Academy which I have not covered in this post, feel free to ask in the comments section below.


Disclaimer: Although I bought Squidgy an Our Generation doll and accessories for her birthday, I was sent the Our Generation Awesome Academy by Smyths Toys in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum. Video by Smyths Toys from their YouTube channel.