When Head Lice Strike | Puressentiel Review | Me Becoming Mum

Here's the thing. I'm pretty sure all of us, at some point in our lives, have caught those dreaded little bugs we call, "head lice". They are annoying, itchy and as hard to get rid of as they are easy to catch. With my daughter now in pre school and heading towards the age of starting, "proper" school, it suddenly dawned on me that at some point we're likely to get that letter. I wasn't expecting it to come soon though.


Ironically, after agreeing to write this post, we got that letter.

"Dear Mums and Dads,
We've had a couple of cases of head lice and would appreciate if you could check your children."

Oh boy. See, my toddler is a little terror when it comes to people touching her hair. By that I mean she goes full-on feral at even the mention of anything from washing to brushing it. Thus, the idea of having to comb it and check for head lice filled me with a sense of dread.

Having the Puressentiel products in our bathroom meant I was prepared (product wise at least) for when that letter arrived. Not that it thinking about the battle that was about to ensue any easier. When I sat Squidgy down to check though her hair, however,  I was shocked by the fact she genuinely didn't seem to care. In fact she actually asked if she could have a go.

I think that having bright pink as part of the packaging quite possibly was one of the reasons I got away with it. As much as my toddler loves to get messy, play with cars and trucks, and run about outside, she also loves being a girly girl, including all things pink!


I was pleasantly surprised with the comb. Unlike those horrid, bright yellow, shallow combs I remember from my childhood, it had long, closely placed teeth that were remarkably gentle as I pulled them through Squidgy's hair. Even with her beautiful curls we managed to comb it through without (too much) hassle. It comes complete with micro grooves on the teeth, which help to make a smooth transition through the hair and capture any nasties lurking along the way.

"Nits", the name I have so often heard used for head lice, is actually the name of the eggs that the lice hatch from. "Nymphs" are the babies and "lice" are the adults.

Luckily this time there was no sign of any nits or lice in her hair, but I guess it I only a matter if time before they make an appearance in those pretty blonde curls of hers. When they do, I'm glad to know I have some Puressentiel waiting to bust those bugs and clear them out, (although as I am currently breastfeeding Little L, I will have to get John to treat her hair as it is not to be used on anyone pregnant, breastfeeding, or under three years of age).

Here are a few reasons why I love Puressentiel...

  • It actually smells alright!
    All I can remember from the times that I had head lice as a child, was how awful the products were that my mum used smelt. 
  • There's no chemicals in it.
    Unlike some other brands on the market, Puressentiel contains no chemical agents, silicone, dimethicone, preservatives, perfumes or propellant gas.
  • It's made from 100% natural ingredients. 
    These include plant oils such as sunflower, and essential oils like lavender.
  • You can use your own shampoo to wash you hair after it is applied.
    Unlike some companies who would expect you to buy multiple bottle of this step, that step and the other, Puressentiel is a treatment that can be washed off with your own shampoo... No extra expenses.
  • It works quickly.
    Puressentiel ran their own independent study that shows their product is effective against lice within just TEN MINUTES. When you have a toddler like mine who won't stay in one place for long, this is super important.
The Puressential Anti Lice treatment lotion and comb pack can be found on Amazon, Boots , The Health Counter and even Lloyds Pharmacy. Puressential's Anti Lice repellent spray can also be found on Amazon, Boots and, The Health Counter.

Disclaimer: The lovely team at Puressentiel sent me their lice repellent spray and anti-lice lotion, in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.