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Swaddling Little L has been one of the only ways that we have been able to get her to settle at night, especially since she began cutting teeth. She can get in a complete state and just wants to be held, and swaddling has been a great comfort to her. I was worried about how we were going to continue to offer this comfort as the weather began to warm up, that is until we were offered the ergoCocoon Swaddle Sleepbag.

We have been using the ergoCocoon for a couple of weeks now and it had become a massive part of our lives, and I can't remember life without it. There are so many fantastic features and reasons to love this brand and this product, and I am so grateful that we have one for our beautiful Little L. Read on to find out why we love it so much, and be sure to enter my giveaway below to win one of these awesome cocoons for yourself!

Different TOGs for Different Seasons

The first thing that you do when checking out a new product, is to have a good read of the box. I immediately noticed the large note on the side of the box indicating "1.0 tog 21-24Β°C 68-75Β°F", as well as a temperature guide printed on the back. I popped onto the website and within seconds of checking out the ergoCocoon Swaddle Sleepbag range there realised that they offer a range of thermal resistance ranges (or TOGs) to suit different seasons and uses when swaddling your babe.

I already knew what a TOG indicator was, thanks to looking it up a while back to figure out which duvet to buy for my own bed, so I loved that this recognisable number was used for the ergoCocoon. This was absolutely perfect, it was exactly what I needed. I knew from the moment that I removed the ergoCocoon Swaddle Sleepbag from its box I was going to have a product that was perfectly suited for this Spring season as we head into warmer days (well, hopefully anyway... you never quite know with English weather!)

Two Way Zip for Easy Nappy Changes

The awesomeness of this product didn't stop with the fact that there are different TOGs available just like duvets that we buy for ourselves. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that we have been having a few issues with Little L sleeping through, as in, she doesn't. Ha! Well, those middle of the night feeds that I am woken up for are usually accompanied by the need to change her nappy, which in a standard swaddling situation would be a problem. Not with the ergoCocoon Swaddle Sleepbag though!

The design of the ergoCocoon includes a clever two-way zipper. This means that when I am in need of changing her nappy, and don't want to go through the kerfuffle of undoing a standard swaddle, only to have to rewrap it again when it is the middle of the night (usually around 2:00AM by Little L's body clock) I can simply unzip the bottom, whip off the dirty nappy, pop on a new one and zip her right back in again. 

Bell Shape for Unrestricted Comfort

The shape of the ergoCocoon swaddle sleepbag is yet another reason to love this product. The idea of swaddling your is to resemble the womb and help soothe them. When done correctly, swaddling can be an effective technique to help calm infants and promote sleep, but often people do not know how to correctly swaddle with a standard blanket, and can do so unsafely. Having a swaddle sleepbag like this, means that you baby is swaddled safely, but still has a little room to move their legs around within the bell shaped bottom. This is great for ensuring they are comfortable without being restricted.

Easy Swaddle to Sleeping Bag Transition 

Another clever design feature of the ergoCocoon is the poppers that click together along the upper seam near the top of the cocoon. They hide slightly inside the material so that when they are close together they cannot be seen, which means that you still have a beautiful looking design when you are using the cocoon as a swaddle. However, the fact that they exist means that you are able to transition the ergoCocoon from a swaddle to a sleeping bag.

As much as Little L loves to be swaddled at the moment, it is inevitable that she will begin to want a bit more freedom as she grows. The ability to open the sides of the ergoCocoon without having to remove her from it completely, means that she can have her arms out, and a bit of extra movement; all without losing the safety of a cocoon that keeps her warm and cosy.

Super Soft Materials

There are two reasons why I love the material that our ergoCocoon is made from. Not only is it super stretchy to allow for the baby inside to have the ability to move; but it is made beautifully soft, natural organic cotton and bamboo mix that is skin-friendly and breathable, meaning that when I put Little L to bed, I don't have to worry about her getting hot and sweaty inside it. The accumulation of natural fibers for both the exterior and the fillings are designed to improve breathability and temperature regulation, and I love that it takes a weight off my mind, removing the worry of "how many blankets are right for tonight?"

Colour Options to Suit Everyone

The final fabulous thing about the ergoCocoon for me, is the amazing range of colours that ergoPouch offer. Whether you want a nice rhubarb one for your littler girl just like I have for Little L, a Tribal Blue one perfect for the little boy in your life, or even something neutral to prepare for a baby whose gender is unknown, there are so many to choose from. 

There is an amazing range of awesome sleep products available from ergoPouch Australia, not just the lovely ergoCocoon Swaddle Sleepbag that we have. Make sure that you check out the ergoPouch website to find the best products to fit your needs, and watch their 15 second video which shows you just how easy their products are to use!

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Disclaimer: The lovely team at ergoPouch sent me the lovely ergoCocoon in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.