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If you read my "Newborn Baby Must Haves" post you will know that we bought and fell in love with the Sleepyhead Deluxe. As Little L has grown in age and height, she has slowly but surely outgrown the Deluxe, something that I was very sad to see as it has made a massive difference to how well she sleeps at night. Then I realised that there was another one, a larger one, the Sleepyhead Grand. Now that she has the next size up, all is well again!

It is strange looking back at the photos of those early days when we brought Little L home and had her co-sleeping in her Sleepyhead Deluxe, and seeing how teeny she was. Now she has outgrown the Deluxe and has moved into the Grand, it is amazing to see the difference that it makes. In many ways it is no different to the original. We love the Grand just as much as we loved the Deluxe and here are a few reasons why.

1. The Sleepyhead Grand Pod has the same comfortable base mattress, and the same soft bumper as the Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod, it's just bigger.

When you find something that works for you and that you love, you never want to give that up. Unfortunately in this case Little L was always going to end up outgrowing the Sleepyhead Deluxe, so to be able to have a product that looks the same, feels the same and provides the same comfort to our baby is perfect for us.

2. Little L is just as happy in her new Sleepyhead Grand Pod as she was in the Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod.

One of the most important parts of being a parent is keeping our mini humans happy, because our lives are so much easier when they are happy! Having somewhere that Little L is safe and snug and happy to be (especially now that she is on the move) whilst I am in the shower, for example, makes the Sleepyhead a must have product in our home. 

3. The Sleepyhead Grand Pod is lightweight, and easy to transport.

Having a product that is so easy to move from room to room is super important, especially when it comes to times when Little L is under the weather and ends up in my bed. The fact that it is so lightweight and easy to carry about with the handle on the side or top, means that even Squidgy is able to bring it to me if I ask really nicely.

3. Little L sleeps so well in her new Sleepyhead Grand Pod, even for daytime naps.

I can't remember Squidgy ever having day time naps in a bed or anywhere else for that matter, but Little L loves her nap time (and so do I for that matter!) Being able to put her down in a place she is happy to sleep in, both at night and for daytime naps, means that I know she is safe and secure whilst I crack on with chores, or spend time with her big sister. 

4. Using the Sleepyhead Grand Pod is a great way to transition from a smaller bed to a larger one (for example from a Moses basket or co-sleeper to a cot bed).

Most babies start their lives sleeping in a teeny little bed at the side of their parents' bed, for example a Moses basket like we had for Squidgy or a Snüz Pod like we had for Little L. Moving from such a small, cozy space to a larger one such as a cot bed can be a daunting thing for our little ones. Suddenly there is all this empty space around them. Having a Sleepyhead Grand Pod has meant that the transition to the cot bed has been less scary for Little L, and she has something familiar in her own room and new bed.

5. With all the travelling back to visit our families that we do, it's great to know that I can still fit the Sleepyhead Grand Pod in our car despite its larger size.

We live a minimum of two hours away from the nearest family member and in order for our girls to be able to see our family we often make trips to and from our old hometown and other areas of England where they all live. Being able to transport the Sleepyhead Grand Pod in my car alongside all the luggage that a family of four inevitably takes along with them is a massive bonus for us, as it means that this comfort from home that Little L has gotten used to using is with us wherever we go.

6. There are so many Sleepyhead Grand Pod pattern choices available.

One of the best things about the Sleepyhead Deluxe and Sleepyhead Grand is the fact that they come in a number of different design. Rather than simply offering a plain pink or blue or gender neutral colour, there are some awesome choices available on the Sleepyhead website.

7. You can buy additional accessories for the Sleepyhead Grand Pod.

As well as offering alternative choices, Sleepyhead have a range of additional accessories including spare matresses, bumpers, and travel cases too. You can also purchase spare covers, something I would highly recommend doing to avoid the need to wash and dry the one you have all in one day before bedtime! Make sure that you check out the Sleepyhead website, choose your favourite design, and get one for your own little one. I promise you won't be disappointed.

8. Little L is perfectly happy in her new Sleepyhead Grand Pod and she can be really fussy!

Little L is a bit of a diva. She can be so fussy and knows what she likes, and what she doesn't like. This can apply to people, places, toys and pretty much anything that she comes into contact with. The fact that she is so happy whenever she is in her Sleepyhead Grand Pod means that she must like it, as she would very quickly let us know with a whole lot of screaming, tears and more if she didn't!

9. The Sleepyhead Grand Pod covers are washable.

Number one on every parents list when it comes to checking whether a product is good or not is whether or not it will be easy to clean as children are messy creatures! By unzipping a couple of zips you can remove the cover and pop it in the wash, just as you would with any other bed linen. Simply zip the bumper and mattress back in once the cover is dry! Perfect!

10. The sleepyhead Grand Pod will grow with Little L from being a sleep pod to a bed pillow.

Squidgy is just a little bit jealous after realising that the Sleepyhead Grand Pod would fit inside her bunk beds, and now she wants one too! What better way to transition to a "grown up" bed that to take the Sleepyhead with you? The great thing is because of the bumper you have the added bonus of an in-built bed guard to stop them rolling out of bed in the early days without bars to the side of them!


Disclaimer: Although we bought the Sleepyhead Deluxe ourselves, we were then sent the Grand by the lovely team at Sleepyhead in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.

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