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I cannot say that I am a fan of that little pink pig, Peppa, however Pickle adores her and amongst gifts like the Peppa Pig Cash Register and Peppa Pig Medical Case which we have bought her for her birthday and Christmas gifts, we were sent an amazing new interactive toy to test out and review. Pickle loves her Count with Peppa, so here I will share a little bit about why it’s a great gift idea for your preschooler.

What is Count with Peppa?

Count with Peppa is an interactive money box toy that is aimed at preschool children. It encourages a variety of different skill development including counting, colours and image recognition. By inserting the coins into Peppa’s purse, Peppa will recognise and respond in order to help your child learn.

What can Count with Peppa do?

The count with Peppa toy comes with ten interactive play coins to allow for a variety of activities to take place. You can choose (using the switch on the side) which setting to use to play Count with Peppa, either numbers or colours. Then Peppa asks for coins to be inserted into her purse. There are eight different activities in total, each designed to encourage your child to look for different numbers, colours and pictures. Peppa also recognises which coins have been inserted and responds appropriately. The toy also plays three songs which are included in the TV series.

Who is Count with Peppa aimed at?

This Peppa Pig toy is aimed at children two and over, however Pickle has been able to use and enjoy Count with Peppa in her own little way. The older they are, the more each individual activity will be suitable. As they grown they will learn to count to ten and recognise colours (both of which Pickle is doing really well at!) before being able to recognise numbers, listen to instructions and subsequently following sequential steps.

Where can you buy Count with Peppa?

This fabulous Peppa Pig toy can be found in a number of the larger retailers including Amazon, Argos and even Smyths Toys Superstores. No matter where you look you will find them the same price at just £19.99 and I think that it is so worth it for the level of enjoyment and education that can be garnered from counting with Peppa.

I think that the Count with Peppa is awesome and is a great gift idea for Christmas, birthdays and more (hence I included it in my Christmas gift guide for two year olds!) It is sturdy, having withstood a number of accidental (and not so accidental…) flying through the air moments and has plenty of different activities to keep any preschooler occupied. Plus, if you have a Peppa Pig lover like my Pickle, it couldn’t be a more perfect addition to their toy collection.


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