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Disclaimer: I was invited by Clickstay to reminisce about our honeymoon to Cyprus and why I think it’s the perfect destination for your 2019 family holiday. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.  


When we were preparing to get married, one of the most exciting parts (besides becoming husband and wife, obviously!) was looking at honeymoon destinations and trying to choose the best place to stay. We had a look through so many honeymoon packages and in the end settled on travelling to Cyprus. The morning after our wedding night, we grabbed an early flight to Paphos, Cyprus and got ready to have two of the best weeks of our lives.

It’s amazing looking back at the pictures and remembering all the fantastic things that John and I did together during our time in Cyprus. I do feel a new visit is in order, however, as we have have new family additions plus my photography has come a long way since 2011! Anyway, here are a few things I feel you should know about Cyprus (and why you should make sure you book your summer holiday adventures to this beautiful island!)

Why is Cyprus holidays great for families?

Although I really think that Cyprus is one of the best honeymoon places to visit, it is also perfect for families. If you are partial to a relaxing holiday where you can just enjoy time in the sun, Cyprus has some beautiful beaches and locations where you can do just that. However there are also plenty of great days out that you can look forward to as well. Although the wine tasting trip we went on may not really be child-friendly, here are my top choices of trips to check out as a family.


This was one of the most spectacular destinations we visited while in Cyprus. It is an archaeological site of a Graeco-Roman theater built in the 2nd Century BC. Although it has been restore for performances, we went and were able to enjoy wandering around and trying it out ourselves. Singing from the center point was incredible, realising how well designed for acoustics these places were. Also… that view!

Water World

Although we were too busy being loved up newly-weds to get to enjoy Water World, it is definitely up there as somewhere to visit when we go back as a family. There is so much available from adrenaline-pumping kamikaze slides to shallow pools and gentle rides for children, so you are sure to have a fabulous time.

Troodos Mountains

There is nothing more special than being able to enjoy a little respite from the searing heat of the coastal towns in Cyprus by visiting the stunning Troodos Mountains. Fabulous views, a massive national forest park and so many places to explore and enjoy.

What is the Cyprus weather like?

Beautiful. It was so warm and sunny, and we were blessed with the most amazing temperatures. It can get a bit humid, so you will be grateful for air con in your accommodation. However we did have a beautiful sea breeze some nights, that meant we could enjoy the night outside. My one recommendation is that you ensure you wear plenty of sun lotion. I got burnt to a crisp just a couple of days into our honeymoon, thanks to the breeze on our coastal walk deceiving me into thinking it wasn’t that hot!

What is the food like in Cyprus?

In a word… lush! I cannot begin to explain how much I love Greek-Cypriot food. From their stuffed everything (vine leaves, peppers and more!) to the most amazing sauces there is something for everyone. John and I enjoyed a few long walks along the coast, but the best part was venturing off from the shore line to explore little off-the-beaten-track cafes, where the locals would go to eat. We had some of the most epic mezes… trying out the local, totally delicious cuisine.

If you’re partial to a bit of home though, don’t worry! You can even find the golden M of McDonald’s in spots around the island.

Can you visit Cyprus on a budget?

Absolutely! With Clickstay villas in Cyprus available for absolutely fantastic prices, and plenty of free, or cheap days out to enjoy, you are definitely not going to be out of pocket on a trip to Cyprus. Clickstay villas can be booked with private pools, WiFi and air con, so enjoy comforts of home plus all the mod cons to make your holiday a success without even needing to go out! If you did want to go out though, you need not spend much money… if anything at all.

We had amazing candle lit dinners, long walks along the beach and even managed to find a beautiful market place to explore in Limassol. Plus one of our little walks (which left me slightly sun-burnt so be sure to lather up!) led to the discovery of free to explore ruins. With a little bit of thought, and exploration you will be surprised at how quickly you can fill your holiday with things to do.

So whether you are looking for the best honeymoon destinations, or simply somewhere awesome to spend the summer with your family, I definitely recommend spending some time in Cyprus. There are some awesome places to stay and visit in Cyprus and you can be sure you will have the best time, relaxing, unwinding and exploring all that Cyprus has to offer.