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Disclaimer: I was provided a voucher by Buyagift to check out perfect Mother's Day Gift ideas. The following review and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.

This year I made the decision that as much as I love my children, sometimes I need to focus on giving myself a little more time for me. After all, even mamas need a break. It's so easy as a mum to loose your own identity. I'm " Squidgy's mum" to some, "muuuuuuum. Mummmyyyyy. MAMA!" to my girls and yet I'm still me. I'm Naomi. I'm more than just a mama. Buyagifr have an amazing range of experience days to choose from as the perfect Mother's Day, which also give us mamas the chance to take a break too.

Choosing your experience days

Even mama deserves to take a break

Mother's Day 2019 is just a few days away now, and you can't go wrong with buying her a Buyagift voucher. There are so many options, from dinner dates to spa day deals to short breaks available on their website. When buying your Buyagift experience days, they offer experiences to suit every budget, meaning you will definitely be able to treat your mum. When Buyagift offered me the chance to choose a gift idea, I knee I needed the chance to relax and unwind. That's why my best friend Kat and I headed to Crowne Plaza Marlow for a spa day for 2 and afternoon tea experience.

Using the Buyagift voucher

The Buyagift my voucher redeem process was super easy. Once you're on the website, following the instructions provided with the Buyagift voucher itself, it will give you all the information you need. Buyagift have some amazing partner locations, so matter where you are in the UK your mum will be able to take a break nearby. With my voucher it was for the Crowne Plaza Marlow experience day, so all I had to do was call them up and book in my choice of date and spa treatment.

The spa experience

Health and beauty treatments

We had a choice of beauty treatments we could have as part of our spa experience at Crowne Plaza Marlow. The spa treatments included:

  • Beauty Treatments

  • Body Scrub

  • Facials

  • Waxing

  • Manicures and Pedicures

  • Body Wrap

  • Foot Bath

I decided to go for the facial, as my skin hasn't been it's best recently. It was fabulous and my skin has never felt so good. I even had a bit of a neck, shoulder and upper arm massage as part of it.

The atmosphere was calm with essential oils, quiet music and the lights turned down low. I was so relaxed (and within 5 minutes of being home wanted to go back again, haha!)  Kat chose a massage after days of moving heavy boxes as she moved into her first bought home. She too said she felt amazing after!

Jacuzzi tub

I think my favourite part of the spa facilities were the jacuzzis. It was so lovely to relax in the soothing jacuzzi bubbles. Kat and I chatted about everything and anything and had a good old girly catch up, something that has been long overdue. It was so lovely to just chill out and have some adult company, and not worry about what my girls were up to. As much as I love them, every mama needs a break! There was one indoors, but we decided to enjoy the sun in the outdoor jacuzzi (although I have to admit the wind had a serious chill when we got out!)

The pool area

The other facilities were also fantastic. We had access to everything from the sauna and steam room to the pool. We were able to relax on the loungers around the outside and swim leisurely in the pool without worrying about children running around or drowning. We sat, we chatted, we laughed, we swam, we enjoyed the hot sauna and just had time together something we don't often get because we both lead busy adult lives these days.  

Afternoon tea

After we had spend a decent amount of time enjoying the spa facilities, Kat and I headed to the showers, got dry and dressed and moved to a different part of the Crowne Plaza Marlow where we were to have afternoon tea. We've had afternoon tea together before (you may have seen my post on Instagram) and this one definitely hit the mark!

The drinks

As with most afternoon tea destinations, you have a choice of drinks available to you as part of the package. Ours was a basic afternoon tea, so Kat chose tea, and I had a hot chocolate (as I never really grew up and can't stand tea or coffee!) Part way through they came and brought new drinks too, which was a nice surprise as many only allow one! We also treated ourselves to a drink (G&T for me and house white for her!) which we paid for ourselves.

The food

The food was the best I think I have ever had. They were so good with checking allergens and providing me with a nut free alternative to their standard afternoon tea. Kat was seriously jealous of mine though, and I have to say the sweet treats were absolutely lush! The scones were homemade and still warm when they arrived and every part of the afternoon tea was fresh and tasted great.

Crowne Plaza Marlow

We had our spa experience at Crowne Plaza Marlow and as far as destinations go, I was so glad we had it there. They are in the middle of a referb, so they did apologise it didn't look its best.  However despite that, it is a beautiful place; with amazing facilities; friendly, helpful staff; and best of all the most amazing view over the lake behind. I highly recommend it as a destination when picking out your Buyagift voucher. Kat and I are already planning our next best-friend-date for us to get away together again, we enjoyed it so much.

I had the most amazing spa day away thanks to the Buyagift voucher and I highly recommend them as a gift idea. The booking process was so easy, and the partners available when choosing your experience day options are amazing. If you're looking for a perfect Mother's Day gift for mum (or to treat yourself!) then Buyagift is the place to go.

Buyagift Spa Day Deals

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