5 Practical Ways To Update Your Outdoor Space | Guest Post | Grass Direct

Disclaimer: This is a pre-written guest post, published on behalf of Grass Direct. All thoughts, opinions and advice provided are those of the writer.


Summer is almost here, and you want to decorate your front porch to make it look fresh, green and beautiful at this time of the year. You would want to sit comfortably in your yard and enjoy the warmth of summer with a beautiful landscape view. Winter may have destroyed most of the work you put into the yard the previous year but it’s never late to make it whole again. You need beauty, privacy, comfort and cost-effective maintenance tools to make your outdoor space pretty. Here are a few practical ways you can try to amp up your outdoor space.

1. Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has been around for quite some time and has been developing all this time and has come close to the real thing you see. Artificial turf is made of nylon and polymer to make it look real to the grass. It also adds beauty to your yard because they will always look fresh with less maintenance. They are quite expensive, but they are definitely a long term investment as it doesn’t require water, mowing and pest control to stay fresh.

2. Improve Privacy

Privacy is a concern for many of the people. You wouldn’t want your neighbors to sneak into your yard while you are chilling. For this reason, you can get many creative ideas like having a fancy hedge of plants to properly screen your lawn and provide you with maximum privacy. If you aren’t into hedges and total isolation but still need some sort of privacy, you can install tall arborvitae bushes installed in your lawn or maybe surround your sitting area with bushes and shade. Fancy fences are also a way of adding beauty to your yard although they might not promote privacy.

3. Hang a Hammock

You want to enjoy your days of summer to the fullest. Adding a hammock to your yard is a good upgrade to have so you can enjoy the natural resting experience from the sun while you read your favorite book laying on a hammock. Styling your hammock is an additional feature you can have like a striped hammock can look better in most yards.

4. Upgrade the Main Entrance

The entrance can get dirty over time. Repainting and refurbishing it will help your yard look more appealing. Vibrant colors for summers are always a natural selection so may want to go with the bright colors to go with your house paint. It also adds curb appeal of the house.

5. Replanting

Your plants may have withered in the previous season, but you can always add new ones to replace them. Plants are a natural beauty to be added in your outdoor space. You can add different types of plants in your balcony to give you the fresh air to breathe. A stylish and symmetric planting decors will definitely live up to expectations. Just make sure to water them daily.

There are a lot of other ideas like adding an outdoor kitchen to grill some nice BBQ with family and friends or adding decorative water features to cool the temperature of your yard or even adding drapes to your porch or pergolas. It is all on your creativity and how your design to upgrade your outdoor space.