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Here we are again. The 2019 summer holidays are soon to end and our little ones are heading back to their school adventures. Do we really know what they need, however? Here is my top back to school essentials list, so you can get your children ready for their first day back.

School uniform

An essential for their first year at school, or if they've had a growth spurt!

My advice: Check out supermarkets like Sainsbury's, Asda and even Aldi or Lidl for budget friendly school uniform.

As obvious as it may sound, have you check if their uniform still fits? With parents spending over £1.2 billion a year on back to school costs, I can be easy to understand why you may want their uniform to last as long as possible. However if your children, like mine, have had a growth spurt this summer, you may want to check the fit and invest in some new uniform.

You don't have to break the bank though! Remember last year I shared how you can buy everything you need for back to school for less than £100 at Matalan? Supermarkets are also a great place to shop, and we have a mix of Asda George and Sainsbury's TU school uniform for the girls this year.

School shoes

An essential for smart and comfortable feet.

My advice: Make sure that you get your children's feet professionally measured, so their shoes are comfortable and fit properly.

School shoes are an important way to ensure that your children not only look smart but have comfortable, appropriate footwear. I always get my girls’ feet measured at Clark’s… but don't worry, you don’t have to break the bank to buy them. Children go through school shoes super quick. Not only do they grow out of them, but how many of your children have destroyed their new shoes before the first term is over? Budget friendly, yet sturdy options can be bought from supermarkets just like my girls' pairs from Asda. Getting their feet professionally measured ensures the ones you buy are going to fit properly!

School bags

An essential for days when they need a change of clothes (or underwear!)

My advice: Personalised items allow for easy identification by teachers as well as your child throughout the school day.

Although I recommend you check with your children's schools if they need a school bag, many do, especially if they need spare uniform or don't have a seperate PE kit bag. I have worked with GiftPup before and love the products they offer. There are a wide range of gifts and products available for all different events. When it comes to back to school though, these amazing personalised star bags* are perfect. They are small enough for the girls to wear and use them, but big enough to hold what they need. With a velcro flap and drawstring closure they are super easy for children to access without requiring adult help, too!

Water bottle

An essential for keeping hydrated whatever the season.

My advice: Choose a bottle which can be easily cleaned, and don't forget to label it, so it doesn’t get mixed up with other children's at school.

As long as you remember to label the bottle, you can choose anything you like for your children as a water bottle. From personalised, to branded, there are so many available these days. Squidgy adores her LOL bottle*, and has already been using it for forest school. It is easy to clean and even comes with a spare straw, just in case! You will be able to order these up as soon as they are available from GB Posters.

Name labels

An essential for making sure uniform and more doesn’t get mixed up in school.

My advice: whilst you can still buy iron-on labels, I have found the stickers the best, and you can still wash clothes without affected the sticker!

Do you remember my Raw Labels review last year? We still have loads left, making them one of the best investments. You need to make sure that you label everything that your children take to school with them. This includes jumpers, trousers, dresses and more. I even make sure that Squidgy's undies are labelled… Just in case.


An essential for wiping snotty noses and messy faces.

My advice: A pocket pack is the perfect size for little fingers to help themselves when needed.

Going back to school in September means that we are heading into the colder months. It is important that we prepare for the inevitable sniffles, mucky hands and messy faces. A little pocket pack of Kleenex* is the perfect addition to your own handbag, changing bag or your children's school bag. Squidgy loves being able to have her own to hand whenever she needs them, and I'm sure your children will too.

Rescue remedy

An essential for a calm first day back at school.

My advice: Always check the label to make sure they’re suitable for children. Even products which are must be kept out of reach of children.

Starting school, whether it's their first day or first day back to school, can be a bit of a scary experience for our mini humans. Emotional and mental wellbeing is an important part of not only enjoying school, but as part of your children's overall health too. Rescue Remedy* is a great way to encourage calm as your children head back to school.

The flower and plant based essences work together to help your children (and you!) get both a restful night's sleep, and a calm, easy start to the day. Rescue Remedy and Rescue Night are not only natural, but also safe for all the family and vegetarian and vegan friendly!

Stain remover

An essential for grass, paint and other stains from school.

My advice: Make sure you treat stains as soon as possible to give you the best chance of getting rid of them!

I cannot tell you the number of times Squidgy came home from school covered in grass stains, paint stains and so much more! Having Ace products* in my home is a great way to guarantee that no matter what she gets covered in I can clean up her clothes ready to wear again. Ace offer stain remover spray, powder and liquid. This means there is a product for spot treating as well as popping in the wash for both colours and whites.

No matter whether your little one is heading into their first year, or is returning to school in September for a whole new exciting adventure I've got you covered. These essentials will ensure they’re ready (even if we, as parents, are never ready for them to keep growing up!)


For more post about back to school, check out the category here. If you have any questions about any of the products included within this post, feel free to ask in the comments section below.


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Back to School Essentials 2019