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When our children head back to school, we of course have to start thinking about all the new purchases we have to make from uniform to food. It can be especially hard these days as you are worried about getting judged or reprimanded for the things you include. Here are a few healthy ideas for popping inside your children's lunch boxes that will keep them happy and full, whilst still being good for them.


Fun sandwiches and alternatives

Shaped sandwiches

You may think you don't have time bit shaped sandwiches are some of the quickest, easiest ways to spice up your children's lunch box. All you need are some cookie cutters and pre made sandwiches. So before you say "ain't nobody got time for that" consider pre-making your children's lunch the night before and giving it a little something extra.


Pasta salads and more

My friend Fleeps from Gourmet Mum shared ten of her best recipes for easy alternatives to sandwiches for school lunches. Some of them, especially her ham and sweetcorn pasta salad are well loved by my girls. Check out her 10 Healthy Kids Lunchbox Ideas blog post for her easy to follow recipes, just in time for your children's return to school.

Fruity snacks

Fruit pouches

Ever since I started weaning Squidgy she has loved fruit pouches, and she still does! Although Pickle wasn't too keen at first; seeing her sister devour them has make her decide she doesn't want to be left out. They both love Del Monte Squeezie* pouches, and as well as being the perfect lunch box filler they make great healthy snacks inbetween meals too!

The only sugars they contain are naturally occurring, they have no added preservatives and best of all are 100% fruit. You can buy them in different flavours too, allowing you to mix up the tastes your children are exposed to. These include apple and mango; apple, banana and strawberry; and apple, strawberry and blueberry.

Organix nibbles

Organix has always been a well known go-to brand for me since I began weaning Squidgy four years ago. They have such a diverse range of products to suit different stages and with their policy of always providing organic products, with no unnecessary added extras; their no junk promise means they set the bar high when it comes to childhood snacks.

Although these Organix banana biscuits are supposed to be weaning snacks, they are some of my girls favourite finger foods (although they would always choose a "real" banana first!) Organic, natural, easy to eat and above all, tasty, these make a great addition to my lunch box filler list.

Fruity treats

If there's one thing you can count on, it is my girls wanting to eat bag after bag of peelers, fruit flakes or yoghurt coated fruity snacks from Fruit Bowl*. Making up one of your five a day - and with gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian options - these snacks are a great idea for popping inside your children's lunchbox (or even yours... I am partial to the raspberry peeler myself!)

Free-from healthy snacks

Biscuits and bars

We are lucky that so far, we have not come across anything that our girls are allergic too. For so many parents, however, it is a daily struggle to find healthy, wholesome snacks that they or their children can enjoy due to allergies within the family. Rhythm 108* offer a wide range of biscuits, snack bars and more made from natural ingredients with no favourings or preservatives. Most importantly though, their range includes a wide variety of free from products, including:
  • Gluten free

  • Dairy free

  • Vegan

They aren't just great for filling up your children's lunchboxes though! With yummy tea biscuits and other options available, these free-from Rhythm 108 products are great for adult snacks and the biscuit tray when you have guests over.

Thirst quenchers

No added sugar drinks

The new no added sugar mini Yazoo milk drinks* are love by all my family (especially John who is like a child when it comes to milk and loves Yazoo!) Using just the sugars naturally found in milk, Yazoo have found a way to make their drinks taste just as great as always. They come in three flavours; banana, strawberry and chocolate.

They have no added sugar (obviously!) as well as being free from artificial sweeteners, flavours and preservatives. Add to this the fact that they are suitable for vegetarians, and you have a great product for all the family. Add them to lunchboxes, picnics and more for a quick, easy, healthy drink addition.

Crisp swaps

Rice cakes

My girls love rice cakes and they make a great healthy alternative to crisps. They are lower in fat and calories, and are cholesterol free. They also taste great, and these days they come in so many different flavours you are bound to find something to suit your children's tastes. Always check the ingredients, however, as some flavours can have high salt and sugar contents.

Sweet potato crisps

I love sweet potato, and his recipe for making your own sweet potato crisps from A Spicy Preservative is a great way to make a healthy alternative to standard crisps you buy at the supermarket. They also taste amazing, and are well worth the time spent making them.


Disclaimer: Although this post is written of my own volition, some of the products were sent to us for the purpose of trying them out for inclusion. These products are highlighted by the use of an asterisk (*) beside them. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.