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Can someone please tell my children to stop growing up? I still can’t quite believe that Pickle is starting preschool in just a couple of weeks time. Despite my disbelief, it’s happening and I have had to get ready. Here are my top tips for when your little one starts their first year at nursery or preschool.

Talk to them about it

If, like us, you have had your little one at home with you since birth, the transition will be big for you and them. Talk to them (you'll know how best to do so as every child develops differently and understands differently) and try to encourage them to get excited about this new adventure.

Organise a taster session

Most preschools will allow you to have a free session (with Squidgy we had two… including one hour and then a full session. Pickle had one full session) to allow your child to explore the setting and get used to the staff and other children. If they don't talk to you about it first, ask them! It's definitely worth it and gives you an opportunity to see how they (and you!) get on.

Check if they need to wear a uniform

My advice: Check out supermarkets like Sainsbury's, Asda and even Aldi or Lidl for budget friendly school uniform.

Did you know parents spend over £1.2 billion a year on back to school costs? Although it’s not always essential at every nursery or preschool, you don’t want your child to be the only one attending their placement to not be wearing the uniform if there is one. Pickle has her preschool polo shirt and we picked up some pinafores for her to wear with it from Asda.

Invest in school shoes

My advice: Don’t spend a fortune on shoes. Two and three year olds are likely to destroy them when running about, so buy comfortable but budget friendly options.

Shoes are an important part of any outfit, and if your little one, like Pickle is going to be wearing uniform to preschool or nursery, make sure you pick out some shoes to fit the outfit. The most important thing to remember is to get their feet measured regularly and buy them shoes which fit. Popping to places like Asda (which is where I picked up my girls!) allows you to buy budget friendly options for their little feet, so it won’t break the bank if they need replacing at the half term holiday!

Don’t forget they need a school bag

My advice: Personalised items allow for easy identification by teachers as well as your child throughout the day, especially important if they need a nappy change!

Whether they are starting preschool already toilet trained or are still in nappies, they will need a school bag packed with essentials. This includes a spare set of clothing, nappies and wipes or underwear for changing potential accidents. GiftPup offer a wide range of gifts and products available for all different events, but their personalised star bags* are ideal for your little one's first year at preschool or nursery. Pickle loves her bag, and being a "grown-up girl" like her big sister.

Order some name label stickers

My advice: whilst you can still buy iron-on labels, I have found the stickers the best, and you can still wash clothes without affected the sticker!

Do you remember my Raw Labels review last year? I was sent some for Squidgy, but we have ordered some for Pickle now too as she is about to begin her first year at preschool. They are great for labeling everything from shoes to clothes to lunchboxes and last for ages (even in the wash!)

Start as you mean to go on

Have a good first day!

The easiest way to make sure the transition from home to preschool goes well is to have a good first day! Get up early so you're not rushing, make sure they have a good, filling breakfast and talk them through the schedule for the day. Keep your own tone upbeat and excited about the day (even if you're worried, or feeling like you’re going to miss them!) If you can, walking is best! Exercise releases endorphins which can help to reduce stress and will help start the day right.

Stock up on stain remover

My advice: Always treat stains as soon as possible to give you the best chance of getting rid of them!

If your two and three year olds are anything like mine, you will be faced with everything from grass stains to food dropped down their clothing. Stock up your cupboards with good quality products like Ace to guarantee you'll be able to clean up your children's clothes ready to wear again.

I hope that the advice you’ve found here, including products and top tips will help the transition for your little one’s first year at preschool or nursery smooth and simple even if it’s not tear-free (I’m sure I won’t be the only mum crying on the first day of school!)


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Back to School: How to Ensure a Smooth Transition to Preschool