My Twenty Wishes for 2018 | Me Becoming Mum

When it comes to new years resolutions, I find it better to set myself some goals, so just as last year, I have chosen to focus on twenty wishes in a few areas; myself, my family, my blog and my business.


  1. To not be so hard on myself. My girls (and husband!) love me just the way I am; faults and all.

  2. To be in the picture more. There are plenty of pictures with my girls and my husband but less of them and me.

  3. To take more “me-time”, whether that means having a bath without the children coming in or going out for drinks with my girls

  4. To take more time out to bake, especially as Squidgy loves it.

  5. To make more fresh meals, trying out new recipes (in particular a caramelised onion tart which I have been wanting to try for ages).


  1. For Squidgy to make the transition to school without any drama or problems.

  2. For my girls love for each other to continue to grow as they bond with each other.

  3. For my husband and I to continue to love each other as strongly as ever.

  4. To spend more time doing things as a family, getting out and enjoying ourselves.

  5. To see our extended family more often.


  1. To grow my social media. My aim is to reach 3k followers on Twitter, 2k followers on Instagram and 1k on Facebook. If you aren't already and would like to help me reach my goal, you can follow me on Facebook here, Instagram here, and Twitter here.

  2. To increase my monthly unique readership from 2.5k to 5k.

  3. To keep up the weekly posts I am contributing to the Living Arrows linkie I post on Mondays. If you would like to see the Photos of the Week that have already been published, you can read them here.

  4. To take a photo a day and take part in #Project365. If you would like to see the post that have already been published, you can read them here.

  5. By the end of the year I would like my blog to be a sustainable source of income for me.

  6. To continue to enjoy my writing, and make sure that I write posts for me, as well as the reviews and other posts I write for others.

  7. To not leave it until the last moment to complete my tax return this year!


  1. To get back into making handmade products, as I have taken a bit of a break since having Pickle at the end of 2016.

  2. To build on the success I have already had and make a minimum of £100 through selling my handmade goodies.

  3. To come up with some new ideas to expand on my available products (which you can see here.)