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I may have had my baby now, but that doesn't mean that I have to stop sharing posts about pregnancy now, does it? Today I am going to share with you the top products I think every mum-to-be should have during those all important nine months growing a baby inside them.

During pregnancy there is always going to be things that you face, that need something to help you get through them, from morning sickness to your growing and changing body shape. 

Comfy Bra

My Choice: Molke and Mumba Bra

Finding a bra that fits, is comfortable during pregnancy and doesn't look like a frumpy mum bra is not always easy. To save on the amount of cost, I decided that I would invest in bras that would serve me both during pregnancy and beyond - when I am breastfeeding. I have three main favourites that I love to wear.


These hand sewn beauties are absolutely fabulous. They are notoriously hard to get hold of though, because they are so amazing and so popular. They update the website as quickly as they can make them - and they are definitely worth the wait.

Mumba Bra

These amazing bras are some of the most comfortable bras you can invest in. They are also super unique in their design, and will be awesome to use one I am nursing Little L. If you want full information on the ins and outs of the best parts about this bra you can read the mummy behind the brand's guest post on my blog here.

The great thing about the Mumba Bra is that it is now available to purchase on Amazon.

Comfy Maternity Jeans / Trousers

My Choice: Mothercare Skinny Jeans

I have only got a couple of pairs of jeans that I wear regularly. It can be a pain when it means that I have to wash them regularly, but it is worth is for having the comfort that can be sorely missed once your body begins to change.

They are quite a large expense - so it may be worth having a look online to see if you can get them second hand, but even if you can't, they are definitely worth the investment.

Maternity Pillow


Being sent one of these pillows had completely changed my life. I am so fortunate to have been able to use it, as it really makes a massive difference to the comfort that I feel when I am both sitting on the sofa and also when I am laying in bed. 

It is one of those items that will continue to work for me too, as I will be able to use it as a nursing pillow too! I can't wait to begin to use it in that way - as it will mean that my little one is here safe and sound. However for now, I am content to continue to use it for my comfort at home when I am relaxing both in front of the T.V. and when I am getting some sleep at night.

You can buy this amazing maternity and nursing pillow from John Lewis, and view the rest of the Theraline range on their website.

Don't forget, you can also check out my full review of the Original Theraline in my The Original Theraline // Maternity & Nursing Pillow post.

Night Light

The Illumibowl is available to order on Amazon and is an absolutely genius invention.

One of the post frustrating things in pregnancy is the sheer number of times that you need to pee - especially at night! I have struggled enough during my two pregnancies with insomnia, without the constant need to turn the light on so I can see what I am doing in the bathroom.

This little contraption - that runs on three AA batteries - is simply a life saver! It is motion activated and bright enough to help you use the bathroom - but not so bright that it wakes you up fully when you go! It also changes colour - which is both slightly amusing but also, in a weird way, soothing!

Stretch Mark Relief

This band and its day gel and night cream are both comfortable and effective. I was so surprised to see what a difference it made - even though I had stretch marks from my first pregnancy. I only wish I had known about it before them!

You can check out my full review of the Secret Saviours belly band in my Anti Stretch Mark Belly Band // Secret Saviours post.

Sickness Relief

My Choice: Sea Bands

I bought my Sea-Bands on Amazon, and although they haven't completely relived my symptoms (as I have had quite severe sickness requiring medication!) they have eased them a lot; and I know people who have used them with even greater success.

The accupressure point feels a little strange the first time that you wear them, but you soon get used to it. They are worth sticking with, even if it is only for the small measure of relief that it gives you.

Mexican Bola Chiming Necklace

My Choice: Silver Heart Bola from Blooming Lovely Jewellery*

I did not know about these when I was pregnant with R, but I am so glad that I have one this time around. The necklace is beautiful, and the chimes do exactly what they say - they comfort mother and baby.

I have enjoyed every moment of Little L dancing and bouncing around inside to the gentle chimes within the heart shaped pendant I have. Not only this, but R has enjoyed the necklace too, sitting on my lap and shaking it - often telling me that she is playing music for her baby sister!

Gym Ball

I borrowed one of these when I was pregnant with R, but this time around I decided that it was worth buying myself one. I managed to find a gym ball with hand pump included cheap on Amazon which meant it didn't break the bank!

I have used mine throughout my pregnancy and I know that it will inevitably be an invaluable piece of kit when I am in early labour. Rocking on the ball has helped a little to relieve some of the side effects of PGP; and the cramps that I have been suffering from too.


Disclaimer: Although this post is written of my own volition, some of the products I have been sent for the purpose of testing them out for review. These products are highlighted by the use of an asterisk (*) beside them.