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The Mother's Day UK date is fast approaching, and as we count down to March 31st (which is when Mother's Day is, incase you didn't know!) I'm sharing Mother's Day gifts to help you give mum a very happy Mother's Day.

"Sometimes you've got to take a break from all the noise and appreciate the beauty of silence."

Give mum some child-free time with a fabulous break. 

Book a romantic night away and dinner for two

I think this fits more into a category of gifts for mum and dad; as John and I got to enjoy the experience together. Sometimes it's important to remind ourselves how to relax and unwind with some child-free time. That's exactly what we did, thanks to a romantic night alway and dinner for two using a Red Letter Days voucher*. There are vouchers to suit every budget, and some many partners to choose from. This means no matter where they live, your mum has the chance to have an amazing break with her partner. Find the full review of our Red Letter Days experience, and some beautiful photos of our stay and the food on my blog here.

Treat mum to a spa day 

Spa day are without a doubt one of the best ways to relax and unwind. If you're choosing Mother's Day Gifts then it is definitely worth choosing a Buyagift voucher*. There are some amazing spa day deals available, and my voucher even gave us a Buyagift afternoon tea to enjoy as well! I know that this is definitely right up my street, and many other mums too. Check out spa deals on the Buyagift website, and treat your mama this Mother's Day.

Afternoon tea

Recently I had the best afternoon tea with my closest friend. It was a birthday gift from my sister-in-law but I definitely think it's a a perfect Mother's Day gift. I got to sit and check out the afternoon tea menu without chasing a wondering toddler, and enjoy food without any little hands stealing it off my plate. I even had a whole hot drink while it was still hot . Every mama will appreciate how amazing that is. Choosing to go for an afternoon tea near me, meant I was close enough to home if I was needed but still about to enjoy a break. Be sure to consider this as a top gift idea for Mother's Day.

 "Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mum."

Find the perfect personalised gifts for mum.

Glass jewellery box

If you want a beautiful jewellery box, UK company I Just Love It's glass, rose gold jewellery box couldn't be more perfect. It is sleek and stylish, with a mirror at the bottom and glass sides and top. The personalisation means you can add your own message to remind your mum you love then every time they use it. I Just Love It also offer a fantastic range of other personalised gifts for mum, so even if your mum doesn't need a jewellery box, you are sure to find personalised gifts she will love. 

The Book of Mum

You may remember my Valentine's Gift Guide included The Book of Everyone for John and now I'm pleased to include the personalised Book of Mum* as the ideal gift for Mother's Day. The Book of Everyone UK site has a wide range of personalised gifts in book form, perfect to choose something to suit your mum. With amazing facts, and plenty of personalisation options within each book you can be sure your book will be as unique as your mum.

 "Self-care means giving yourself permission to pause."

Buy the best mum, or mum-to-be pamper set.

Aveeno adult and baby care products

Just because it's Mother's Day, doesn't mean presents for mum can't be practical. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that save your mum time and money. Aveeno* products are the perfect balance of things for mum and things for baby. Help your mum keep her skin smooth and soft while she takes care of the littlest ones in the family too. From wipes to daily care creams, Aveeno offer an amazing range of products for all different types of self-care and baby-care.

Hand Cream

While we're on the subject of pampering gifts, why not treat your mum to some SEAMS hand cream*? I have been using it for a few weeks now, and it has made such a difference to my skin. I love the smell and the feel of the cream, and my hands have never felt better. For someone like me who regularly gets their nails done, it is good to have a good quality product to keep your hands in top condition between appointments. SEAMS hand cream is one such product.

 "Clothes are a form of self-expression. Hint of who you are can be found in what you wear."

Treat mum to some comfy new clothes and accessories.

Bright, soft leggings

I love clothes. I am making more of an effort to add colour and pattern to my wardrobe at the moment and my new Love Leggings crop leggings* do just that! I love the range of women's leggings styles they do from gym to maternity, and even children's. Love Leggings also kindly sent my girls leggings, and it's awesome to be able to match with them. Branching out from black leggings has been good for me. Plus, these are thick, good quality, and oh so comfortable too!  

Socks with a purpose 

Hands up if you rolled your eyes at the word socks? Well don't discount them just yet, because Critically Endangered Socks* make animal socks UK mums will love, because they're supporting endangered animals all over the world. We have way too many endangered species thanks to deforestation and hunting practices. It may be a small step, but by buying these animal print socks with small sewn animals and a big story behind them, you're supporting work to make a difference. I've also been told there's some new products in the pipe line... Soon you'll be able to support some of the most critically endangered baby animals with new baby socks from the company! I can't wait to see them.

"Safety is more important than convenience."

Purchase gifts for mum which are useful.

Next Base Dash Cam*

We're all aware of the importance of car seat safety for children, and being aware of what's going on around you as a driver. However there are some times that we may need a little extra help with car safety. The perfect gift for this is Next Base dash cam* which is considered one of the best dash cam products on the market. I have found mine really useful, and I'm pretty sure that drivers are more careful around your car when they see they're being filmed too! The 312gw Next Base dash cam is remarkably clever too. It not only has built in WiFi and GPS logging, but a phone app which you can download to use with it. After someone driving into the front of my first car years ago, it is nice to have something that makes me feel safe when I drive. Especially when I have my family in the car with me.

"It's never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you."

Consider Mother's Day gifts that help mum be healthy. 

Vitamins for hair, nails and more

If you follow me on Instagram you will already know I regularly spend time doing my hair and nails so a gift like Higher Nature health supplements* is right up my street. Their nail and hair vitamins have made a difference in just a couple of weeks of use. I bit my nails for years, leaving them weak and my hair hasn’t been in the best condition since my two pregnancies. I have already noticed a difference to the strength of my nails in between appointments at the salon and my hair looks so much healthier too!

The Æterna Gold Hyaluronic Acid is aimed at promoting healthier skin, by aiding the production of collagen and maintaining your skin’s natural moisture. As I suffer with breakouts of spots and eczema I knew it was something I had to try. I am continuing to take the capsules alongside using my usual washes and creams and have definitely noticed a difference in my skin… the breakouts and eczema are far less frequent!

So that concludes my UK Mother's Day 2019 gift guide. I hope you now have some amazing Mother' Day gifts that you can get for your mum this year. After all, she really is a superhero. All that is left to say is, to all the mamas out there, Happy Mother's Day!


For more gift ideas for her, check out the category here. check out the posts below. If you have any questions about any of the products included within my gift guide, which I have not covered in this post, feel free to ask in the comments section below.