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There is something wonderful about getting outside and exploring. My girls and I love to go out, especially if there is woodland walks or playgrounds involved. Plus I have found woodland walks to be super therapeutic, massively helping with my anxiety. We've explored a number of fabulous places over the years but none compare to the amazing woodland that my uncle and his family own in Cumbria.


There is an amazing variety of things to do at Stocks Wood Outdoor Centre. They have set up their own business (and I am in the process of writing a post about it!) running a forest school there and my girls are in their element every time we visit.

When it comes to woodland creatures, Stocks Wood may not have resident badgers, foxes, but there is still plenty to find. Bird boxes amongst the tree branches offer sanctuary and nesting places for local bird species, and there is even a farmer's field full of super nosy cows next door. Plus they have roe deer, although they are super nervous of people!


My girl's favourite activity is looking through leaf piles and under logs to find bugs living beneath. We've discovered beatles, spiders, worms and more and the two of them are fearless (mostly) as long as someone else catches them to have a look through the magnifying glass of the bug boxes.

They also enjoy pond dipping at Stocks Wood Outdoor Centre. Although Pickle just likes to splash the water around, Squidgy loves to catch what she can and ask my uncle or aunt about what lives in the water! The two of them had a wail of a time, although I did have to stay close by as Pickle wanted to jump in for a swim!

Of course woodland creatures are not all you can find when you visit places like Stocks Wood. When we lived in Peterborough our favourite family days out were to a local Nene Park area called Ferry Meadows. Alongside walks around the lake and playing in the playground; we discovered bunnies living around the car park, ducks to feed and fields of flowers like these bluebells (more pictures of which you can check out here!) 

We will always love to go out together, and enjoy everything that local woodlands, parks, farms and more have to offer. Do you have any special places you like to visit, and get outdoors with your family?


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