Partying like a Princess with Hallmark

My daughter has managed to inherit my deep set love for all things Disney. We are, of course, forever going to love the traditional classics, but thanks to the Disney Junior channel we have on our Sky box, Squidgy's world has been opened up to a whole world of new and modern Disney from The Lion Guard to Sofia the First. Whether it is watching movies or TV programmes, or reading books or picking out cards for friends and family members' birthdays, she always gravitates towards the Disney ones. This is especially true if they include her favourite characters, like this Hallmark Sofia the First one she has for her daddy.


Squidgy loves so many different Disney characters, but, as with most little girls, she finds a lot of joy in being a princess. She loves to get her tiaras and dresses out of the dressing up box, and even her favourite knickers are the ones with Anna and Elsa from Frozen on the front. When she found out that she was going to be able to have a party with some of her friends in a princess theme she went on and on about it for weeks in the lead up to it, asking almost every day if her princess party would be that day. Eventually the day came, and we had such a lovely time together!

We were lucky enough to have an awesome selection of princess party gear from the Tesco party range including the tableware and party bags, which went down really well with all our little princesses. Topping the table off with a selection of everyone's favourite party snacks set us up for a lot of fun and very hyper princesses running around my home, but it was so worth it.

Unfortunately some of the girls that we had invited weren't well enough to attend, but not one to let things get her down, Squidgy had a wonderful time with the two friends who were able to make it. She thought it was especially fantastic that one of them arrived wearing the exact same dress she had chosen from her box of dressing up outfits! An afternoon filled with music from the Now That's What I Call Disney album, a variety of toys and food, and plenty of laughter made for one very happy and very tired toddler.


All the girls loved running around my house in their princess dresses, and I'm pretty sure all the mamas were grateful of a little bit of adult company as we all hung out too. There is something special about seeing your children playing with their friends, especially if they have something in common like their love for playing cooking and tea parties and talking about their favourite princesses! 

Whether your princess is an independent, frying pan brandishing gal like Rapunzel, or the belle of the ball like Cinderella make sure you check out the Tesco Princess Dress competition details on the Hallmark website. All you have to do is buy a Disney card, (like these beautiful Beauty and the Beast themed ones) from a participating Tesco store, keep hold of your receipt, and get your princess to design their perfect dress on the leaflet picked up in store.

The best thing about this competition is the fact that they have the opportunity, once you have sent their entry to Hallmark, to have their dress design created for them, for real! How amazing would that be? It's not like we need an excuse really, the Hallmark Disney cards are fabulous, and we all know of some event, birthday or other reason that we need to buy a card! Make sure you get down to your local store as soon as possible, as the deadline for getting your entry in is 21st May 2017.

Cards have always been a massive part of my life, in some ways more important than gifts, as they contain messages of love and the handwriting of special people in your life. The first time my hubby (at the time he was my boyfriend!) told me he loved me was in a card, and from then on they took on an even greater meaning to me.

There are so many beautiful cards in the Hallmark Disney range, and I am so in love with the ones that I have. To tell you the truth, I am unsure if I will even be able to write them for people as I just want to keep them all for me! Luckily, there is a gorgeous mummy card in the selection that I have. I feel a little better knowing that at least one will be mine to enjoy!

The amazing selection of options within the range, astounded me. Who knew that you could make a card with a puzzle on it, or even a 3D pop-up scene... not as a design but as something you can actually remove and make?! I mean, seriously, how awesome is that? I cannot put into words how beautiful these cards are, and no pictures will ever do them justice. All I can say is make sure you get down to your local Tesco and pick some up for yourself!

I cannot wait to figure out who the lucky recipients of these gorgeous Hallmark Disney cards will be, and I know that they will be filled with love from Squidgy too, who loves to grab her pack of crayons andย scribble all over write her own special message inside. I am so grateful to have been able to have such a nice selection of cards from their range, and know where I will be shopping when I need a special and unique card in the future.
Furthermore I will be bookmarking the Hallmark website and checking back to see their Tesco collaborations, and so should you! It is the best way for you can keep up to date on any new deals and competitions that they are running together.

Disclaimer: In light of the release of the new Beauty and the Beast movie, Hallmark and Tesco joined together to send out some boxes to some cards and party items to lucky parents for their princesses to have a party. Thoughts and opinions in this post are all my own.