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The shops are full of products for children and when you first become a parent it is easy to be a little disillusioned by the sheer volume of items on offer. Here I will share my top products for having in your home, as well as a few non-essentials that are great added extras.


Essentials for toddlers

In no particular order here are ten things I think you shouldn't be without at home with children. 

Bubble bath and other bath products

My girls love a bath and the thing they like the most is bubbles. Products like Infacare Baby Bath* are ideal, as they are pH balanced and designed for sensitive skin so are perfect for all the family. The bubbles last for ages too, leading to endless fun and giggle from my girls blowing them at each other.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Although their baby teeth are destined to fall out, teaching your toddler good oral hygiene will set them up for life. Getting your toddler into the habit of brushing their teeth every morning and evening is super important.


Wipes for faces, hands and bums

Let's be honest, even once you've toilet trained your children wipes will always be a parent's best friend. From muddy hands to chocolate covered faces there is no end to the mess that you will battle as a parent. Whether you are changing nappies for children who, like mine, struggle with sensitive skin that is prone to bad reactions or just just want something that will be soft, and kind from birth onwards, wipes like Aquawipes* are perfect.

Made from natural products with over 99% purified water, as well as being plastic free and biodegradable makes them an eco-friendly parents dream; and they're even suitable for vegans! As well as ensuring they will take care of your wee one's skin, even newborns, they are the next best option to using cloth.

Potty, stool and toilet seat

Your toddler as some point either by their own choice (like Squidgy) or at a point your decide, your toddler will start the transition out of nappies. We have a potty we keep in the car for emergencies, as Squidgy and Pickle prefer to use the toilet at home, but won't squat in a busy just yet if we can't find somewhere to stop for toilets when we're out and about. 

For the toilet at home we have a stool and toilet seat for making the "big" toilet suitable for little people. We got our set super cheap in the Aldi baby and toddler event a couple of years ago, but they are also available on Amazon. You can find the toilet seat here† and the stool here†. We have also have a Minnie Mouse foldable toilet seat† which folds up into our changing back for when we stay in caravans and hotels on holiday. 

Toddler tableware

After the soft spoons of weaning, your toddler will start to move on to "proper" cutlery, and having some toddler sized options will definitely help them out. The best thing in my girls' opinions is the fact they have their favourite paw patrol characters on and that they have a full matching set of cutlery, plate and bowl! The best thing for me is that they were super cheap from Asda!


Sippy Cup(s)

As much as it is great to start teaching your toddler to use a cup, perhaps with a straw, sometimes you just need to guarantee no mess. There a now some fabulous cups on the market which are spill free but teach them the motion of using a normal glass. We ordered these Nuby Sipeez from Amazon† and they work fabulously for both my girls. They come in a variety of colours and patterns too so will suit every toddler! 

Entertainment for inside and outside the house

From educational toys such as a shape sorter clock (available at Funky Pigeon believe it or not!) and role play toys like the girls' Leapfrog tea set, to garden slides and playhouses there are a variety of ways you can keep your toddler entertained on a budget. Our garden toys were all bought second hand for less between £5-£10 a piece and when people ask what we want as gifts for Christmas and birthday we try to make sure they are useful and allow us to keep the girls entertained without too much tat filling our house.


Essentials for parents of toddlers

A rucksack (or changing bag rucksack)

If you have children of different ages, a rucksack changing bag like our Idaho Jones Gallivant (the full review of which you can read here) is great for ensuring you not only have a great looking bag but also one that will hold everything you need. This is unfortunately only available in the US, but there are plenty of other great options available on the market.

Antibacterial Surface Wipes

If you have a toddler at home, antibacterial wipes like Milton's Antibacterial Surface Wipes* are definitely in my list of top products for need. As messy as they get themselves it is inevitable that you can expect that mess to end up on surfaces around your home too. As great as it is to use a wet cloth, the last thing you want is nasty bacteria taking over so using wipes like these will ensure that the surfaces are clean and safe to touch again. Because they are one use, it also prevents you from having to forever wash and use clean cloths.

Some added extras that are nice to have

Hair accessories

If you have girls like me, this one is for you! As your toddler starts to get older, their hair longer and their patience slower to evaporate, you have the opportunity to make pretty hairstyles a reality.  I love the bows we have from Maisy-Molly and Me and trying out a variety of different styles to put them into. Matched up with some cheap hair grips and clear elastics from Primark there is no end to what we can create.

I hope you now have some awesome ideas for great products for your toddler, and where to purchase them from.


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