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I have had my fair share of changing bags over the years, some I have been lucky enough to be given as gifts, and others we have bought. None, however, compare to the amazing new bag that I now have in my possession from Idaho Jones. She is called the Gallivant, and I am so pleased to not only be able to review this beautiful bag, but also offer you all a 15% discount on your purchase of your very own changing bag using my code BecomingMum15 on the Idaho Jones website.

In the past four years, I think I have become pretty good at working out exactly what we need in a changing bag, to cover all my bases. The thing is, this is forever changing as the girls grow, and once you add more than one child to the mix you have to remember to pack for both different stages of development, as well as yourself;Β and have a bag big enough to do so. Let's be honest though, even though I'm a mum, I've not given up on all sense of style and so whatever bag I choose has to also look good. A pretty tall order, I'll admit. The Gallivant changing bag ticks all the boxes for me, and here's why.

The Gallivant is super comfortable

At just 2.5lbs empty, the bag is less than half the weight my girls weighed at birth and the shape of the bag ensures that not only is the weight distributed evenly across your back, but the wide straps enable you to carry it without feeling like it is digging into your shoulders. Having had a variety of different shaped bags in the past that have always weighed a tonne, it is nice to finally feel like I'm not dragging around the kitchen sink (even if sometimes I all but am!)


With adjustable shoulder straps and velcro pushchair straps it is not only perfect for us as John and I can both pop it on when we are out but we are also able to put the bag onto our pushchairs regardless of whether we are using our Silvercross single or Baby Jogger City double; although with the single I have had the occasional facepalm moment when I have forgotten how attaching a bag to the back changes the center of gravity!

The Gallivant has some amazing features

Inside the bag

Made of thin and lightweight yet durable nylon fabric; the Gallivant changing bag is rigid enough that it will remain in its upright, vertical stance and not collapse as you try to fill it. With a large zip closing opening to the top it is easy to reach inside to move stuff around and make sure that your fit in everything that you need. With everything from an insulated bottle pocket and three elasticated pockets to a padded back sleeve perfect for a laptop or tablet and changing pad there is a spot for each item your children require when you leave the house.

On the outside

Just like on the inside, the Gallivant has plenty of space on the outside too. With two large, spacious side pockets that are perfect for everything from wipes to drinks bottles or children's toys depending on who gets to the pocket first when we're packing it to leave.

To the front of the Gallivant changing bag, you will find two further pockets. The first of these is a velvet lined parent pocket suitable for items you don't want to get lost or scratches such as your phone or glasses. The second is a larger storage space complete with four smaller pockets on the inside. I have found this perfect for storing everything from cards in the zip pocket to loose change, pens, keys, lip gloss and of course spare hair ties for those times one of us needs one.

The Gallivant allows you to go out in Style

There are so many changing bags available on the market, and many are designed to be pretty or cute and that is certainly not something that I want to have to drag around with me for years to come, and John wouldn't touch them with a barge pole; even if our girls would love bright colours and cute animals or flower adorning the bag. The Gallivant changing bag with its black dot nylon outside fabric, golden metallic zippers and neat logo has a tasteful, professional aesthetic which makes it the perfect accessory to any outfit I put together or even that of my husband.

The nylon is surprisingly resistant to marks and scratches (which lets be honest are bound to happen when you are taking children out and about with it!) and although I doubt it would be fully waterproof if you were to drop it in a rive when we have been caught out in a rain shower all the contents within the zipped pockets remained well protected as the water droplets simply beaded off the outter material.

Although these bags may not be the oneΒ for parents who are looking for a changing bag on a tight budget, I do think that the Idaho Jones Gallivant baby changing back pack is certainly worth every penny and is officially my favourite bag ever. It look good, has plenty of space, is durable and super easy to organise. There is also nothing to limit its use to baby products which means that it can continue to be apart of my accessories for years to come, and I cannot recommend the Gallivant enough. Don't forget that you can use the code BecomingMum15 to get 15% off your purchase on the Idaho Jones website.

For more reviews of products and services we use in our lives as parents raising our two girls visit my reviews page. If you have any questions about our Gallivant baby changing bag which I have not covered in this post, feel free to ask in the comments section below.


Disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador for Idaho Jones, and my discount code also helps me to earn a little from every sale using it. I was sent our Gallivant changing bag in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own.Β All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.

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