2017 Gift Ideas for Her | Christmas Gift Guide

When it comes to writing a post about Christmas gifts for her, it is always going to be more of a wishlist than anything else, as it is obviously based on ideas for me. When asking for gifts I tend to try and put practical things on the list, as I have quite a lot of 'stuff' already. My husband tends to do really well every year, but that doesn't mean that I can't give him a hint or two!


Simply Because it's Christmas

Christmas Jumper

Christmas is my favourite time of year (in case you hadn't already realised!) and every year I love getting a new jumper. This year it was something that was also a practical idea as I have lost a load of weight and even though over sized jumpers are 'in fashion' I like the fact I have at least one jumper that properly fits me. I have a Mrs Claus one from George at Asda and I love it. It goes perfectly with the times I dress up my girls as little elves!

Christmas Dress

I have a few outfits now for Christmas, from leggins with snowmen and reindeer on to pretty dresses. One of my favourite things is being able to match my daughter (who is totally my mini me!) and this year I found some awesome Christmas tree dresses in Matalan.

The Perfect Accessories 

Ted Baker Jewellery Set

I absolutely love Ted Baker, which you may know if you saw my Mother's Day gift guide earlier this year. There are some beautiful gifts available in the Amara Christmas shop including the stunning crystal bloom collection* which comes in gold, silver and rose gold. The perfect stunning gift for that special lady in your life.

Winter Ready Set

When it snowed this weekend past we just had to get outside and enjoy it; but when trying to wrap myself up warm, unlike my daughters, I couldn't find much in the way of warm accessories. I found an old scarf and Me to You ear warmers in the end but had to borrow my hubby's hat and had no gloves at all (leading to frozen hands when Squidgy insisted we needed to build a snowman! This time of year is bound to be pretty cold and 

Family in a Locket

I don't think that you can ever really have too much jewellery as a woman, and these gorgeous lockets and charms from Poppy Lockets* are the perfect addition to any jewellery box. Whether you want to fill it with charms that are simply pretty, add a bit of sparkle or make it more personal with charms like the two little girls that symbolise my own babies there are plenty to choose from to make the perfect locket to fit the neck of any lady!

Charm for their Charm Bracelet

I have a growing collection of beautiful charms on my Pandora bracelet from the variety of love ones from my hubby, mama ones from my girls and of course the gorgeous breast milk charm from Carry My Heart Keepsakes. There is always plenty of charms to choose from and you know there will be something perfect for your lady!

For the Home

Christmas Crockery

What I love about filling my house with Christmas stuff is that there is so much of it... and you can never have too much! Adding a new mug and cute plate to the collection is a great way to fill my house with Christmas cheer; (the hot chocolate and mince pies are welcome to come with the gift too!)

Next Year's Calendar

Keeping track of your schedule can be difficult for anyone, no matter what the situation is that you have at home. Whether you are a stay at home parent trying to remember which child has an event tomorrow or work full time and are liable to forgetting your best friend's birthday; a calendar is the perfect gift solution! Ben the Illustrator has created a stunning 2018 animal calendar* inspired by the amazing documentaries of Sir David Attenborough. I know I love it and there are plenty of other people who would be happy to have this hanging on their wall!

For Mamas

A Dash Cam

When it comes to the safety of you and your family there is never too much that you can do. Recently I had a speeding idiot (I'm not being rude, that is genuinely what they were!) jump a light and very nearly take my car out in the process. Not a lot that I could do apart from brake and try to avoid a collision. Having a camera like the new Next Base dash cam* I have now installed in my car is a great way to help a safety conscious mama take an extra step to care for her family.

Feather & Down Sleeping Bag

At this point in time I will literally do anything to give me just a few moments extra sleep at night. With Little L still waking in the night and no sign of that ending anytime soon; having a few products in my arsenal to help me get to sleep quicker and sleep better for longer, is the perfect gift this Christmas. Everyone knows that lavender is the 'sleep smell' and mixing it with the calming scents of chamomile in pillow spray and other products that are found in the lovely Feather & Down sweet dreams sleeping bag* is the perfect combination to induce better sleep for any mama. It's a shame I can't get Little L to sleep longer too!

Stylish Teething Jewellery

There is nothing worse than a teething baby, trust me... both my girls have had a terrible time of it with every tooth that they have cut. When it comes to teething toys they are not always practical to carry around with you all the time, especially if you are heading out and about. The best solution is to pop on some silicon teething jewellery like the gorgeous necklace I have from Halia Rose*. Just beware if you have an older littley in your home like my Squidgy, who has a habit of stealing any pretty necklaces and bracelets that I have; they are just that fantastic.

Every Lady Likes a Snack


A box of chocolates is never going to make me turn my nose at it, whether you get me a Cadbury selection box (come on, we all know they aren't just for kids!) or a luxury box of chocolate from Lily O'Brien's I will likely scoff the lot as soon as look at it; and I know I am not alone in saying that!

A Little Tipple


I love myself a fancy cocktail, although these days I don't often get to have them because in general I have them when we are abroad; which we aren't (obvs). When I came across these fabulous cocktail in a mason jar sets at B&M I knew they would be a great gift for her (or him... a pina colada is John's favourite cocktail!) and they look great too.

Gin (and tonic!)

One drink other than wine that I do like to make myself at home is a good ol' G&T. I blame my mother-in-law because she got me liking them in the first place. Gin can be quite an expensive drink to buy though; so it makes a perfect gift at Christmas! There are all different brands available so it may be worth finding out which one the lady in your life is a fan of before making that purchase! We bought my mother-in-law a set of different gins which I am sure will go down very well (I would love it myself!)

Musical Moments

A New CD

We may be in the age of downloads and online playlists but I am a stickler for traditional music and I love having CDs to play, especially in my car. There are plenty of places to buy them from HMV, supermarkets and shops like Primark in town centres to supermarkets out of town, to online shops like Amazon. Many places will have a chart too so you can pick up something new and recent!


For more posts about Christmas, visit the Christmas category page. If you have any questions about any of the products included within my gift guide, which I have not covered in this post, feel free to ask in the comments section below.


Disclaimer: I was sent a few of the above items in return for an honest review and inclusion within my gift guide. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.


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