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When I got my craft on and hand sewed up a personalised stocking for John, I also made one for me... obviously! I couldn't be the only one without a handmade stocking! John is one of the best shoppers when it comes to gifts and stocking fillers, so I am really lucky... but here are a few ideas just in case (or for any of you short of a secret Santa gift!)

Me Becoming Mum's Stocking Fillers for Her 2017

Something Special


Pieces of jewellery for her stocking don't have to be expensive, you can get gorgeous pieces on a budget in plenty of places these days; and if your lady is anything like me then she will love having a cheeky accessory or two included. Whether it is a pretty pair of stud earrings or a gorgeous necklace like this little heart from Poppy Lockets* you are bound to put a smile on their face with a pretty piece of jewellery inside their stocking.

For the Mums

Hand Wipes and/or Sanitiser

Any parent will tell you that having hand wipes or sanitiser at your disposal is an essential part of your every day life when you are raising these mini humans we call children. Trust me, they will choose the time that you don't to get covered from head to toe in mud, sick or poop and you will be miles away from anywhere to clean up... That is why these are number one on my stocking fillers for mum!

Fruity Sticky Note

I am forever thinking up genius ideas for things I want to do from things I want to write on my blog to things I need to remember when we next go shopping. Within a second of the thought it is gone from my mind with the incessant "muuuuuummmy" (I swear I'm going to have to chance my name or something!) so one thing that I always love to have around the house is a pen and note pad. The fruit sticky note pad from Lost World Gifts* is the perfect gift to include; especially as it comes in different fruit forms and is super cute!

Hair Tie(s)

I live in a mum bun. Unless there is a special occasion or I've just washed my hair; it is always up. John never fails to include Primarka finest £1 hair tie selection every year and it is always the perfect stocking filler.

I'm not the only one who thinks these are needed and certainly not the only mum-bun wearer; as these fellow mama bloggers are proof of! 

For Me Time

Nail Varnish

Most of you will know that I get my finger nails done every couple of weeks by a friend of mine; but that doesn't mean that nail varnish doesn't fit in my stocking. I love painting my toe nails and there are plenty of ladies who don't pay someone else to paint their nails who would love a pot or two in their stocking. My favourite has to be a bit of sparkle like my Nails Inc Special effect; especially at this time of year!

Mini Bath Products

Whether the lady in your life enjoys basic products like Head and Shoulders or more fancy brands like Molton Brown most will offer smaller travel versions of their bath ranges and they make perfect stocking fillers.

Face Cloth

When it comes to taking off make-up at the end of the day it is always nice if you have a soft, sensitive skin friendly product to use to clean your face. They don't have to be boring, however. These days you can buy face cloths with characters on, face cloths in unique shapes, and even face cloths made into little flowers!

Face Mask(s) 

There is nothing nicer than slapping on a thick face mask and relaxing in a cozy candle lit bubble bath. The best part is that these face masks are super cheap so you can chuck a few into the lady in your life's stocking! 

For Bedtime

Eye Mask

I have decided black out blinds and curtains are named wrong... ours at least don't black out everything; and as I am a light sleeper anyway the slightest light from the neighbourhood cats setting off the security lights or the dawn sun rising is liable to waking me up. Popping a soft and gorgeous Hunkemöller Reindeer Eye Mask* into the stocking is not just suitable for Christmas but also the perfect solution to the light problem!

Hand Cream

At this time of year it is easy for our skin to become dry, cracked and sore... and that is not a good look for anyone, especially for us ladies! I love having a little hand cream handy during the cold winter months, and also keep one close by for after I have finished chores for example washing up!

For Keeping Cosy

Slipper Socks

I am not a real fan of slippers, I have so many pairs of them about the house but I forget to wear them and don't find them all that comfortable the way I used to. A great alternative is slipper socks, like these fabulous comfy Hunkemöller Reindeer Socks* which are Christmas-y and perfect for this time of year.


The winter months are always chilly, even if we aren't lucky enough to have snow like we did this weekend past the temperature is still likely to drop considerable around Christmas time. Popping a pair of cosy, warm gloves into your leading lady's stocking is a sure fire way to make sure that she keeps her hands in tip top condition throughout the winter months; avoiding the inevitable broken skin that can come with exposure to the cold weather. 

For the Food Lover


I love myself a good take-away Chinese, and I also love the homemade stir fry my hubby cooks up. He never ceases to please with his homemade sauces and yummy meals; and I love to crack out my gorgeous floral chopsticks from Sous Chef* every chance I get! They are the perfect addition to any stocking for her, and there is a few pairs included in the set so she'll be able to share them with you too!

Hot Chocolate and Sweet Treats

It is no secret that I have a terrible sweet tooth. I have never been a fan of coffee or tea but love myself a big mug of hot cocoa and some biscuits to boot. At this time of year I love dipping into a bag of Lebkuchen (German soft gingerbread biscuits!) and you can find sachets of hot chocolate in places like Poundland so it doesn't break the bank as a stocking filler! Top it off with a can of squirty cream and bag of mini marshmallows (both less than a quid in B&M) and you're on to a winner.

A Little Tipple

Miniature Wine

One of the best things you can pop inside your leading lady's stocking is her favourite tipple; many of which will come in miniature bottles, the perfect size to fit right inside that stocking. A nice bottle of wine is sure to keep her happy while you get the Christmas dinner cooked up. There are plenty to choose from but my favourites are the Blossom Hill collection!

Gin and Tonic Can(s)

I love myself a good g&t, once the girls are in bed it is nice to sit on the sofa with a cold drink and chill out with my hubby in front of the TV. After a really long day sometimes it is just easier not to have to pour out and mix up a "real" G&T; so having a can of the pre-mixed goodness inside my stocking is a great way to skip a step and get straight to the drinking. They're also small and cheap so make a perfect stocking filler.

Filling up the stocking for the lady in your life with a selection of things for her to treasure and enjoy will ensure a good start to Christmas day when she opens it and finds all the gifts you have chosen inside. Whether you for cheap and cheerful or decide to use the stocking to propose to your girlfriend, get it right and you will have a smile on her face all day long!


For more posts about Christmas, visit the Christmas category page. If you have any questions about any of the products included within my gift guide, which I have not covered in this post, feel free to ask in the comments section below.