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One of the most magical things about Christmas is getting to share it with your children, and that has to be my favourite part. When it comes to Christmas gifts from Santa we made the decision to do as John's parents did and make the stockings the item that Santa delivers and the gifts are from their respective giver. My husband and I decided this was the best way as it makes it more fair and avoids the awkward questions of why one child has an expensive gift such as an iPad and another only gets a soft toy. Here are a few ideas of the items that my girls will be getting from good ol' Father Christmas this year.


For Playtime


I think that LEGO is always going to be one of the number one bought products at this time of year; and there are so many different sets available from large products like my husband’s Millennium Falcon to little builds like the LEGO red racer set which makes a perfect addition to any child’s stocking.

A Puzzle or Two

My girls both love exploring things and puzzles are a perfect way for them to do so. Whether something simply like a wooden animal peg puzzle for the younger children or a more complex alphabet and numbers learning puzzle for older children, these are a great addition to any youngsters stocking this Christmas.

Finger Puppets

My girls love hand puppets and finger puppets, especially if they can be used as part of telling them a bed time story. Squidgy has even started to enjoy using them herself, and reading to her baby sister. She especially loves the duck finger puppet from Lost World Gifts* which she had in her advent calendar and is part of a set the rest of which she will get in her stocking this year!

Mini Toys

Disney Princesses

When I shop for Christmas I do so all year round, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t do any at this time of year. I came across the Disney Princess Little Kingdom dolls and new instantly that Squidgy would love them. She has a couple in amongst her stocking fillers including the Classic Snow White which was one of my favourites.

You can also find a selection of other Disney princesses including:
  • Cinderella
  • Merida
  • Belle
  • Paw Patrol Pups

    If you have read any of my previous posts including my Preschooler Christmas Gift Guide you will know how much Squidgy loves Paw Patrol, and these Paw Patrol Mini Figures make amazing stocking fillers for children like her. You can buy them individually or as a set depending on how much you want to spend and how many of the team you wish to buy!

    For Bathtime

    Bath Squeezy Toys

    If there is one thing that you can be sure of it is that all children love to have toys to play with at bath time. Christmas themed squeezy toys like this set of six rubber ducks on Amazon are the perfect addition to any child under the age of five’s stocking.
    Christmas bath toys

    Bubble Bath and Wash

    Christmas is the perfect time of year to top up the items that you can guarantee you will need for the rest of the year such as bubble bath, shampoo and body wash. We absolutely love Child’s Farm sets having only discovered them for Little L’s first Christmas a year ago and using them ever since. They are perfect for children especially those with sensitive skin!

    Wash Mitt or Flannel

    Whether they are at an age where you use a flannel to wash them or they are happy to take a wash mitt and give it a go themselves, these are cheap and cheerful; easy products to buy and pop inside your children’s stocking.

    For Around the Bedroom

    Colour Changing Light Bulb

    Sometimes the simplest things are the most entertaining for children and that is certainly the case when it comes to colour changing lights. Lights like the Colour Changing Light Bulb* my girls have from Lost World Gifts will keep them entertained for ages. I know it will go down well as a stocking filler, and with any luck it will give me a few minutes peace and quiet too! The best part is that the bulb comes with a remote control so I can change it and alternate it from the comfort of my sofa.

    Light-up Butterflies

    For the same reasons that the colour changing light bulb makes a great stocking filler, the light up butterflies from Lost World Gifts* make a fantastic item to top up your children’s stockings. They have a small switch on the side to turn them on and off, a suction pad to the back making them easy to attach to everything from mirrors to light switches and finally they come in a number of different designs so you can choose your favourite colour and shape to pop inside the stocking.

    For Bedtime

    Mini Books

    Books are always a good item to pop inside a child’s stocking. Whether they are starting to learn to read themselves, or you are still the ones reading bedtime stories to them, books are a perfect addition to this list. I try to top up my girls’ stockings with Christmas themed products such as the classic Mr Men and Little Miss books that have been rehashed with titles such as Little Miss Christmas and Mr. Christmas.


    One of the most cliché gifts to give to anyone at Christmas is of course socks, and yet they are one of the best items to pop inside your children’s stockings. Whether you go for funky Christmas themed ones, fluffy bed socks or just plain ankle socks there are plenty of options around for you to pop inside. They are both practical and of course they are also budget friendly!

    For Babies and Toddlers

    Teether Toys

    Up to the age of three your children will be teething on and off, pushing through those new teeny white pegs that cause so many issues and sleepless nights. Products like the amazing teething elephant toy from Halia Rose * are a great way to keep the pain at bay for your little ones, and as such make the perfect addition to their stockings!

    Christmas Bib(s)

    I love all things Christmas (if that is not already obvious by now, where have you been?!) and depending on how old your child is you may, like me, be dealing with a baby during those delightful messy months of weaning. Little L loves her food but that doesn’t mean she is immune to the mess that comes with eating it, and a selection of funky Christmas bibs like the ones that I bought for her from Sainsbury’s are a perfect addition to her stocking.


    For Young Children


    I use cloth nappies for my babies but once they are toilet trained like Squidgy it is time to upgrade to knickers. They quickly grow out of them, and like socks it seems that washing machines eat them, so it is always a good idea to pop a few pairs like the budget friendly pack of Paw Patrol ones that my husband bought from Primark inside their stocking.


    Squidgy absolutely loves jewellery, from turning my hair ties into bracelets to trying on my rings she has always enjoyed dressing up in pretty accessories. This year we are popping a few pretty children's bracelets into her stocking which I am pretty sure she will be super happy about.

    Hair Ties and Clips

    Another thing that children can not have too much off is hair ties and clips. When Squidgy lets me, I love to get her hair up in plaits, ponytails or as we recently tried, pigtails! There are so many places to pick up cheap packs of hair ties and clips, and they make a perfect addition to top up your child's stocking.

    Name Labels

    I can't be the only one who panics a little every time their child heads off to preschool or school with a bag of spare clothes, wondering what if any, is likely to end up lost or borrowed accidentally by another child. The best solution to this problem is to pop some name labels like the fabulous ones from My Name Tags inside their Christmas stocking and get them to help you label up their clothing. No more worrying required!

    For more posts about Christmas, visit the Christmas category page. If you have any questions about any of the products included within my gift guide, which I have not covered in this post, feel free to ask in the comments section below.


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