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Disclaimer: I was invited to be part of the Cheerz ambassador programme, and provided a selection of photo gifts and a discount code to share with my readers. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.


I have made a massive effort to improve my own photography in the past year; however I haven't really done much with the photos. When I was invited to become a Cheerzleader I knew it was the perfect opportunity to do something with some of my most loved photos. Here I will share my review of the variety of photo gifts Cheerz offer. If you want to place your own order be sure to download their app (on Apple App Store here or Android Google Play here) and use my awesome discount code NAOMIXCHEERZ to get £5 off any order over £10 (valid until 30.04.19).

Save yourself some time and order your photos in a frame!

Golden Photo Frame

I grew up in an environment where photos were not only regularly taken but also framed as memories and hung around the home. When I moved into my own home, I wanted to continue that tradition. I started out with such good intentions, and have a few frames of John and me from before the girls arrived.

Having children changes your life in so many ways but despite my girls being perfect little photo subjects, I have very few photos of them around. This gorgeous Cheerz golden photo frame is a perfect addition to our home as it's all done for you. Not is the frame free standing (or you can hang it if you prefer!) but it can be personalised both with a photo of your choice in the front and a message in the back.

This beautiful frame is not the only framed option available from Cheerz though. They have everything from small 20cm square frames to giant 50x70cm portrait frames, or you can even get posters, canvases and metallic prints that are perfect for hanging on the walls around your home.

Print your photos in a variety of shapes and sizes!

Photobooth Prints 

Photobooths are all the rage at the moment, from parties to events and even at wedding receptions. Cheerz offer a range of photo booth style photo gifts from simple prints to magnets and I think they're fantastic. Choose four of your favourite photos, add a personalised note at the bottom and hey presto! the perfect photo gift. Each order has five to create, so whilst I made myself a Christmas themed one (obviously, it's my favourite time of year!) I also have a few with photos of the girls as gifts for family this Christmas. I think they make perfect bookmarks too, and I love picking up my book to read and seeing these lovely photos inside.

Classic Prints

Everyone loves to get photos printed, whether you frame them or keep them in an album. Ever since I was pregnant with Squidgy I decided to start making scrapbooks for my children (neither of which are finished however!) Having the opportunity to get some classic 6x4 prints from Cheerz to top up the girls' scrapbooks was not something I was going to miss out on. I'm hoping that it will give me the kick up the bum I need to get back into the scrapbooks and get them finished.

There are more than two types of photo printing services available from Cheerz however. You can also pick up the following:

  • Retro prints (in old school Polaroid style!)

  • Memory boxes (filled with your favourite prints!)

  • Square prints (like Instagram in real life!)

  • and so much more!

Create a story from the photos of your memories.

Photo Books 

I love photobooks. They are a great way to tell a story. We have them of our Wedding and other memories, and so when I saw Cheerz offer a wonderful range, I had to get one. I ordered one with twenty four pages filled with all the amazing memories that we have made as a family during 2018. I have hidden it away as a gift for John for Christmas and can't wait to see his reaction to it.

As well as being able to add your own choice of photos, you can personalise the layout (or let the Cheerz app do it for you automatically!) and add little messages throughout. Customise it with a variety of font styles and by the end of the design process you will always have something unique and special; the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and so much more.

On the Cheerz app you also have the option of creating a scrapbook instead. I love the idea of doing one, as it is a fun, hands-on alternative to the pre-created printed photo book.

Share you favourite photos without leaving a mark behind.

Photo Magnets

I collect magnets, and my fridge is covered with ones from all over the world. Every country we visit or day trips we make we pick up a memory in the form of a magnet. This means Cheerz photo magnets could not be a more perfect gift for my family. They're a great alternative to having photos hung or standing around your home.

As we currently rent, we're limited with what we can put onto the walls; and with no window sills and very few usable surfaces it's hard to have freestanding frames too. Photo magnets are a great way to have your favourite photos on display, without taking up space or leaving a mark behind. Plus if, like me, you have them on the fridge they'll be seen regularly as the fridge is one of the most used appliances in most homes!

Whilst we have a number of square photo magnets, Cheers also have other available to choose from too! As I previously mentioned, the photobooth prints can be done in magnet form; as well as printing photo magnets in the old-school Polaroid shape or even in the shape of a heart. Whatever you choose you know you will have memories to cherish on view for all to see.

There are so many wonderful photo gift ideas available from Cheerz and I am so happy to have a number of them in my home! Don't forget, if you're after some awesome photo gifts as we head into Christmas shopping season, be sure to download their app (on Apple App Store here or Android Google Play here) and use NAOMIXCHEERZ to get £5 off any order over £10.


For more reviews of products and services we use in and around our home visit my reviews page. If you have any questions about my Cheerz photo gifts which I have not covered in this post, feel free to ask in the comments section below.