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We had the amazing opportunity to visit Coral Reef Waterworld with Zoggs and they sent us a selection of their swimwear to test out at the event. Our parcel included some items from their brand new DC Superheroes range, and more! Here I'll share with you a few thoughts about our new Zoggs swimwear.

P.S. If you're quick they have an awesome 50% off sale for Black Friday over on their website.

So many choices, so little time.

Zoggs are one of the most well know brands when it comes to buying swimwear. They are a market leader in swimming goggles, but also offer a wide variety of swimwear and swimming equipment. For women you can choose from tankinis, bikinis and different shape swimming costumes. For men you can choose from shorts from racing style to baggy swim shorts. Add to this their junior range plus swimming aids and accessories; and you are sure to find everything you need whether for fun or fitness.

Water wings buoyancy aid for the win.

The water wings are one of the most innovative, fabulous products I have ever come across. My girls have Wonder Woman water wings vests, and both looked super cure modelling them and using them in the pool areas. With fixed buoyancy aids in the sleeves, the effect is similar to that of arm bands. Not only do the sleeves prevent the vest from sliding up to their neck, but the style encourages a more natural swimming position. The water wings vest also allows for children to use their arms and legs normally, with free range of movement.

I was so impressed with how it allowed Squidgy to excel at swimming independently, something she has slowly been learning and improving at in the past year. They are available in sizes from 1 year to 5 years; but best of all they zip up at the back (complete with a tab to stop children being able to remove it in the pool!)

Mini superheroes with big personalities.

The new Zoggs DC Superhero range is awesome. With two little girls who love all things super hero related (remember Squidgy asked for a Wonder Woman and Supergirl birthday party earlier this year?) the range is certainly well suited to our family.

Whether you (or your children!) are fans of Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman there are plenty of swimwear options, swimming aids and more to suit all of you. I loved seeing my girls live out their own little fantasies about being superheroes... which in their own ways I already think they are.

Accessories to bring it all together.

Zoggs goggles are what they are probably most well known for. Squidgy has the Zoggs Wonder Woman one piece goggles and she fearlessly tested them out, ducking beneath the surface of the water. This is something that used to frighten her, as she was unable to see or breathe and would panic a little but somehow the goggles gave her that little extra confidence and she loved it.
Pickle has the Zoggs Wonder Woman printed goggles and although she did not fancy going under water with them, she was fascintated by the experience of wearing them. With their adjustable strap they are bound to fit her for a long whole yet (Zoggs reccomend up to six years!) so I know in time they will be used exactly as designed.

Whilst Pickles goggles offer a Soft-Seal™ hypo-allergenic frame both sets also offer UV360 sun protection and Fogbuster™ anti-fog. Unlike the goggles I remember using as a child, these are designed to give the best clarity when exploring underwater, and I know they will help my girls to have many swimming adventures in the future.

The happiest girls in the world.

When it comes to providing an accurate review of any product, I always find that leaving my girls to enjoy them is best. Putting the Zoggs DC superheroes range through its paces at Coral Reef Waterworld gave me a chance to really see what they thought, by watching them wearing and using the products. Here's my conclusions:

  • Zoggs products do exactly what they say they will. From the water wings buoyancy aids supporting Squidgy in her independent swimming, to exploring the view beneath the water surface with the goggles everything the products are meant to do they excelled at.

  • Zoggs products fit extremely well. Having bought and worn ill fitting swimwear in the past, it was nice to wear something that fit properly and was super comfortable. They didn't just fit me well though. The girls moved naturally and effortlessly whilst wearing their Zoggs DC Wonder Woman swimwear. Plus you could see from their joyous faces as they enjoyed exploring Coral Reef Waterworld that they too were comfortable. Plus there was no complaints or pulling at the swimwear so we're definitely on to a winner!

  • Zoggs made us all happy. Not only did we get invited to an awesome event at a fabulous venue, but the swimwear was bright, colourful and themed with one of my girls' favourite things. Squidgy loved being Wonder Woman and Pickle just loves everything and seeing them happy makes me happy. There really is nothing better.

Something for all the family.

Zoggs products are all inclusive, with so many options available for every member of the family. Whether you fancy checking out their new DC Superheroes range, want something a bit more mainstream, or are looking for something to help you on your fitness journey; Zoggs have you covered. The best part is they offer free delivery over £30 and free returns in the unlikely event there is an issue. You can find and buy Zoggs swimwear, aids, accessories and more on their website as well as at Everyone Active leisure centres including Coral Reef Waterworld. 

I am so grateful to Zoggs for the invite to their fantastic event at Coral Reef Waterworld, and of course to Everyone Active for hosting. We had such an amazing time at the evening event (which you can read about here!) Plus, my family couldn't be happier with the swimwear Zoggs provided, and I hope this review has given you a little insight into why!

My final thank you goes out to Warner Brothers who not only worked with Zoggs to create the new DC Superheroes range but also gave us a goodie bag of items which I have squirrelled away as they were perfect stocking fillers for my girls!


For more reviews of products and services we use in our lives as parents raising our two girls visit my reviews page. If you have any questions about our Zoggs swimwear which I have not covered in this post, feel free to ask in the comments section below.


Disclaimer: I was provided a selection of Zoggs swimsuits and accessories for my family in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.