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You may remember that I reviewed the Gro Clock that Squidgy got for Christmas a short while ago, and told of how well it had worked for us when it came to keeping her in her own room at night, rather than appearing at my bedside at some silly hour in the morning. I'm not going to lie, it all was going really well until the clocks changed. Then things took a bit of a back step, as the nights got shorter and the days longer, and so we have had to add to our Gro collection with our new Gro Anywhere Blinds.

Day time naps (especially danger naps post 4pm) have become a more regular occurrence in the last few weeks, and after three years of Squidgy never napping, it has shocked John and I every time it has happened. We knew that the only reason they were happening had to be because she was no longer sleeping for twelve hours or more through the night like she used to. The lighter, longer days have meant that she is wishing not to go to bed at the usual time (arguing that it's not dark, so it's not bedtime!) and waking as soon as the sun comes up in the morning.

As much as her Gro Clock will keep her in her room until the time that I set for her, she will often sit and read books and play with the toys she has in her room, rather than try and go back to sleep. As nice as it is that she will entertain herself, it does mean that more often than not, by the afternoon we have one seriously tired, proper stroppy little three year old on our hands, and this is not nice for anyone. Thankfully, we were sent a Gro Anywhere Blind, that has worked so well we have even bought a second one for Little L!

Adjustable Size

The first thing that I love about the Gro Anywhere Blind is that it is adaptable, and thanks to the built in velvro, it can be changed to fit any window up to a maximum size of 130cm x 198cm. This means that no matter the room that you are trying to use it in, you will be able to change the size and make it fit for purpose, thanks to the fact that the velcro fastening is so easy to use. This is especially fabulous when you consider the next great thing about the Gro Anywhere Blind.

Travel with the Gro Anywhere Blind

As well as working really well for us at home, the great thing about the Gro Anywhere Blind is the fact that it comes complete with a handy travel bag and can be folded up nice and small to take it on holiday with you. This proved invaluable a couple of weeks ago when we went to my grandparent's caravan in the Lake District, as we were able to pop it in her suitcase and stick it to the window in her little room. The fact that it is adjustable in size and travel friendly means that it works so well, wherever you need to use it.

Stars and Moon Design

Never one for liking anything that is plain and boring, The Gro Anywhere Blind is right up my street with it's gorgeous stars and moon design. We absolutely love it in our house, especially Squidgy, who of course was the first to link the stars and moon to the night light setting of her Gro Clock. She loves the fact that it all matches, and has to check it out every night before we close her curtains and get ready for bed.

Premium Black Out Material

The material that makes up the Gro Anywhere Blind is a premium black out material. It has worked so much better than the standard black out blind that we have here. I have found that in the night, our standard black out blind is OK but as soon as there is any light outside the window, it may as well not even be there. This is not the case with the Gro Anywhere Blind. Although it does not completely block out all light, it is enough for it to be considerably darker, and certainly enough be both better than standard curtains and block out blind combined and also enough to keep my daughters fast asleep beyond the crack of dawn!

Easy to Attach to the Window

One thing that you may worry about when it comes to the Gro Anywhere Blind is how to attach it to your window. However it is so easy, because it has simple to use suction cups that with a slight addition of moisture will hold the blind in place indefinitely without doing any damage to the glass, or window pane. As easy as it is to attach to the window, it is just so to remove. There is a release tab that you can use, which means you don't even have to try and peel the edge with your finger nails!

We absolutely love using our  Gro Anywhere Blinds, and I am so glad that they work for us. Gro's video will show you just what I mean about how easy it is to use the Gro Anywhere Blind to block out the sun and help you children sleep better now that the days are longer and brighter.

There is an amazing range of awesome products available from the Gro Company, which can be found on the Gro Company website to find all the details of all the what is available, from the Gro Anywhere Blind and Gro Clock that we have to Gro Bags, Gro Suits and even muslins! Don't forget to pick up your very own Gro Anywhere Blind on Amazon too!

Disclaimer: The lovely team at Gro sent me a Gro Anywhere Blind, for inclusion within this post. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.