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As you know, my blog is all about keeping real about motherhood and pregnancy. For today, I am writing about my experience with one of the less glamorous sides of pregnancy, and how the Hartmann MoliCare products have been amazing at helping me avoid the embarrassment that could occur with it!

Why I need Hartmann's MoliCare products...

One of the most awful effects of being pregnant, is something that no one ever wants to admit; and certainly never wants to talk about! On occasion - most of us will have a little accident. Pregnancy incontinence (sometimes called stress incontinence) is something that up to two thirds of women will have to deal with.

It doesn't matter how many pelvic floor exercises I do, or how often I go to the toilet (which is way too regularly - another lovely thing you have to deal with when you are pregnant) there are times when my body decides that it is going to do its own thing.

I have sometimes had days where I am worse than my two year old when it comes to having an accident; and thus having to change my underwear. Wearing normal sanitary towels has not really been an option, they are so uncomfortable - I don't know why they seem to be worse when you are pregnant, but they are!

The worst accidents I have been unfortunate enough to suffer from, have been thanks to my lovely unborn daughter getting overly active, and kicking my bladder. Usually it's something that I can run to the loo in time for, however now she is that much bigger, there have been moments when she has kicked me so hard I haven't been able to make it.

The reasons I love Hartmann's MoliCare products...

There are plenty of options in their range!

The MoliForm Premium Soft that I have been using have so many options.

There is different absorbency ranges, allowing for you to choose what will work for you. There is every possible absorbency range including: light; normal; plus; extra; maxi; and super. In my case, as I am using them for occasional pregnancy incontinence, I didn't need anything too heavy. I have tried both the normal and the plus.

There is no chafing!

These products are pretty amazing. Not only are they hypoallergenic and skin friendly, but they are breathable too. They have not caused me any problems when I have been wearing them, making them a great alternative to the standard sanitary towels I have not been able to use.

You don't know they're there!

Despite their larger than standard size, they are discreet - so you can rest assured that you are looked after in a way that no one would ever know about. Sometimes, even I forget that I am wearing them, until I make a trip to the loo and notice them then!

They are so comfortable!

One thing I worried about was the fact that they would be uncomfortable, in a similar way to the delightful (!) maternity pads that you can buy which are huge and bulky and move about (even if they have a sticky underside). This is not the case with the MoliForm Softs. They are subtle - but do the job they need to do!

If you want to find out which of the Hartmann products would work best for you, you can complete their product selector.

There are ways to manage pregnancy incontinence, check out the infographic below for key ways you can do this!

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored post. The team at Hartmann also sent me a selection of their MoliCare products in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own.