Pre-Packed Hospital Bag | Little Bambino Bags Review | Me Becoming Mum

When I had the chance to work with Little Bambino Bags to review one of their mummy and me style bags, I was elated. There is so many wonderful reasons to love these bags, from the numerous designs available to the contents included within them.

For the first part of my review, I created a vlog which you can view on my YouTube channel by clicking the play button below:

Trying to narrow down the choices to which one I would like to be sent for this review took a lot longer than I expected, due to there being so many lovely options. Eventually I narrowed it down to the Catherine bags... and decided to go for the mid-sized option.

It was even better than I expected when it arrived, it is beautifully made from amazing, strong fabric that looks fabulous. You can tell when you look at it, and hold it, that it was designed to last. Furthermore the fact that it comes with a removable shoulder strap, is always useful. The strap is also adjustable which means that you can change the length to fit you, your partner, and even your pushchair.

Buying one of Little Bambino Bags beautiful bags has an extra added bonus to it... It comes with over thirty items inside for mummy and baby, covering off all the essential basics that you need to take with you to hospital.

There is something special about having your bag arrive, neatly wrapped in bubble wrap and seeing all the awesome little touches that are added in, like the glucose tablets for mummy and the knot top beanie for baby. It's not just the items inside that make it special, however. Some of the gifts you find inside such as the blanket, are wrapped in tissue paper, so opening your new bag is like opening a present on your birthday!

Finally, I absolutely love the size of this bag. It is big enough to fit everything you could possibly want inside it (including everything on that I have written about in my upcoming 'Packing Your Baby Hospital Bag' post).

It is the perfect size to make sure that even I, at 34 weeks pregnant, am able to easily manoeuvre the bag around. It is definitely an important thing for me to be able to do some things alone, as oftentimes my hubby is at work and I am at home with our two year old!

I am so glad I am lucky enough to have one of these wonderful bags, and I can't wait to show it off in hospital when our little one arrives.

You can check out the rest of their awesome range on the Little Bambino Bags Facebook page.

Disclaimer: The lovely mummy behind the brand of Little Bambino Bags sent me a "Catherine" bag - filled with the usual items she uses - in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.