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Disclaimer: I was provided a Theraline Original maternity pillow in return for an honest review. The following review and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.


When I received a reply to one of my tweets from Theraline UK, saying that I should try out their maternity and nursing pillow - the Original Theraline - as it would solve my discomfort issues, I must say I was a little dubious.

Theraline Original maternity and nursing pillow on Twitter

However, since receiving my new pillow, I can say -  without a shadow of a doubt - that the reality is just as good as the hype that the company build around their product.

The first thing I noticed was how much bigger it was than I expected. Then I noticed it was like a giant cylindrical bean bag. The size and design make it a highly versatile product, unlike most other products I have been trying to use to ease the PGP and other symptoms I've been suffering from.

Theraline's tag line, "love, care, comfort" could not be greater exemplified than in this amazing product, which I am now fortunate enough to own.

♡ Love ♡

Each time I looked, there was something else I fell in love with.

The Original Theraline is wonderfully made, and so well designed. Looking at the attention to detail, you can see it was designed with love, for a purpose... A purpose it fits perfectly.

I love that the pillow case is removable so you can wash it... if you're intending to use it as a nursing pillow too (as I will be!) the potential is to have a lot of mess and so it's essential to be able to wash it. Plus, you can buy some totally awesome replacement cases, so while the one is drying, you can continue to use your pillow!

This pillow is so comfortable. I am not the only member of my family who loves it! My husband tried to steal it, while I was changing into my nightwear and even our daughter had a go the evening after I received it, stating, "I so comfy mummy!"

Theraline Original maternity and nursing pillow

☆ Care ☆

The care and attention to detail starts with the packaging. The bag that the pillow arrives in is lovely, with the logo around the edge, and handles that for sure won't break when you're transporting your pillow around. It also contains a really informative insert with pictures and information about your pillow.

Furthermore, so much care is put into every aspect of this product, it is simply amazing. As I previously mentioned, the fact that the case is removable, and washable - and comes in tonnes of beautiful designs too - makes this pillow simply awesome.

Theraline have considered all the aspects of how this pillow will be used, and took great care to make sure that it is easy to use... When you are pregnant and in vast amounts of discomfort, the last thing that you want to be doing is lugging a huge, heavy, awkwardly shaped pillow around with you. This is not a problem with the Original Theraline, which I easily transport from my bed to my sofa and back again.


I cannot explain my delight at my first decent, comfortable night’s sleep in months. It wasn't just one night either, every night that I have used the Original Theraline I have slept better than I have with any other items I have tried. The only thing this pillow can't do is stop me waking up in the middle of the night because Little L kicked my bladder and made me need a toilet trip!

It is not just at night that the comfort of this pillow has amazed me. Wrapping it between my legs and around my side whilst on the sofa has given me no end of help when it has come to sitting down during the day.

Theraline Original maternity and nursing pillow

I am really enjoying using my Original Theraline and cannot wait to see how it works for me as a nursing pillow too.

Theraline have a pretty thorough website which outlines each of their products, and includes a section of information on this pillow, the 'original' Theraline.
You can buy these awesome pillows from your local John Lewis, or online here.