Safely Carry Your Children | Hippychick Review | Me Becoming Mum

When we went on our cruise we knew that we would be spending a lot of time walking around both the ship itself and the ports that we were visiting. Although we took a stroller for Squidgy and our Doona for Little L, there was plenty of times when we didn't use one or both of them, and ultimately this resulted in us needing to carry our children on our hips. Having the Hippychick made this so much easier, and here is why we love it.

It's Supports Your Back

When it comes to carrying Squidgy these days, it is no mean feat. She may be skinny but she is super tall and for a mini human she weighs a heck of a lot. Using the Hippychick means that the strain is taken away and it helps to support the weight of your child! 

Hippychick: Takeing the Strain off your Back

It's Washable

It is inevitable that at some point or other something will be dtopped down, or wiped on it. That's just part of having children. Being able to remove the inserted support and pop the Hippychick into the washing machine means that you can keep using it without having to worry about any mess your children cause.

It's Lightweightt

When it comes to things that we pack for holiday abroad, a massive consideration to make is the weight, due to pretty much everyone restricting your luggage weight for travel. The Hippychick is lighter than you expect, which makes it easy to take away with you. It also means that it isn't adding too much extra weight for you to carry when you have your child sitting on it!

It Supports Children of Different Ages

Let's be honest, every child is different and depending on how many children you have, it is always useful to know that a product will work for all of them, not just one. As you can see, Little L can sit supported on our Hippychick just as well as her elder sister.  

Hippychick with baby

It's Easy to Put On

A bit of velcro and a simply clip make this one of the easiest products to put on! 

It's Comfortable

Let's be honest there is nothing worse than a whinging, whiing child, especially not if they're sitting on your hip doing it into your ear. Luckily the Hippychick has a comfortable padded seat, and Squidgy even tries to sit on it like a stool when it's stored at home!

It Makes Life Easier

If we don't have the stroller with us for Squidgy (who more often that not insists on walking because she's a "big girl now") you can bet your bottom dollar she will get tired of walking and want to be carried. Not having to worry about putting strain on your back or finding a comfortable way to carry her when this happens makes the Hippychick a perfect little life saver. 

hippychick with toddler

Perfect for the School Run

I am excited to use the Hippychick when I start walking Squidgy to preschool in September. I know it will come in handy once again, just as it did when we were on holiday; mainly as it would be so much easier to grab instead of having to sort out the Doona or a stroller to take Little L with us! The walk is not long, as the preschool she is joining is not far from our home; but that doesn't mean that I want to carry my youngest daughter there and back every day with no support!


As the Hippychick is a product that is child safe, washable, can work for both my children (and anymore than we have in the future) and is budget friendly with designs starting at around £25, it is definitely up there on my list of essentials for going on holiday. Plus it comes with an awesome drawstring canvas bag which makes it easy to take it away with you! To be honest though I haven't used it that much since being at home as we are not often out long enough to require it. I'd still say it is worth an investment, especially if you have done or do suffer with hip or back issues, as I have since having PGP in my pregnancies, and as I said above, it is likely to be really handy on the walk up to preschool come September!

You can check out the hipseat and the matching accessories on the Hippychick website. Pick your colour, get it ordered and enjoy!

Disclaimer: I was sent a Hippychick in time for us to use it whilst on holiday, in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.