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There are so many things to consider when it comes to your children starting school, and one of these is ensuring they are able to locate their own items, from lunch to stationary. Here you'll find my review of the wide range of personalised first day at school gifts from Born Gifted which are perfect for when your children head back to school.

Lunch boxes

Squidgy is a big fan of fairies, princesses and all other "pretty" things. Having a pink fairy insulated lunch bag has literally put the biggest smile on her face. It is a decent size allowing plenty of space for snacks and drinks to be popped inside and the zip opening simple enough for Squidgy to be able to do it alone. The added personalisation means that there will never be any doubt which is hers; and whether it heads off to school with her or out for picnics with our family at the weekend it will hold everything she needs.


Water Bottles

It is actually specified by the school that Squidgy and the other students are required to bring a water bottle with them to school. With so many children attending the same school, it could be easy for them to go missing on the playground or get mixed up in the classroom. Squidgy loves her special fairy drinks water bottle from Born Gifted is perfect, especially as just above the fairy's wand her name is added in bold pink letters. We've tested the bottle out and it holds a decent amount, enough for a few drinks throughout the day and the top although sealed well is easy enough for Squidgy to get off if she needs to fill it up. It also came with a second top, a simple bottle stopper so if she preferred we could give her a more "grown up" bottle instead of the sports cap.


Pencil case

Squidgy's favourite back to school gift is her pink butterfly pencil case. These pencil cases with their bright colours and beautiful themes can be personalised with names up to twelve characters. The zip opening widens to allow Squidgy to have a proper look when she is choosing which colour she wants and is perfect for her to be able to lift the pencils out.


Pencils and stationary

The pencil case is all well and good, but it won't be much good without the contents. Born Gifted offer the same pink butterfly pencil case with contents including eight HB pencils, twelve colouring pencils, sharpener and 15cm ruler. All the pencils have Squidgy's name on as well as the pencil case, and she loves that she can pick out her very own pencils, that she won't have to share with her sister. All the essentials your little one will need for school are included, and they make a great gift too.


Usbourne sticker books

Born Gifted kindly sent Squidgy an Usbourne sticker book all about starting school, and (just in case you can't tell from the photo!) she was so excited. Being able to introduce the school routine, things that will happen at school and more through a fun activity we can do together has been a great way to help calm her worries about starting school. We sat together at the table, talking about the characters and sticking the right stickers in place. It was the perfect way to open the conversation about her feelings about starting school and we both enjoyed the time spent together with the book.


Being able to shop at Born Gifted by occasion, recipient, product type and more means you are able to narrow down your search and with so many fabulous items to choose from you will be spoilt for choice. There is no doubt that if you visit the Born Gifted website you will find everything you need for when your children go back to school.


For more reviews of products and services we use in our lives as parents raising our two girls visit my reviews page. If you have any questions about Squidgy's personalised school items which I have not covered in this post, feel free to ask in the comments section below.


Disclaimer: I was sent a selection of products by Born Gifted in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.