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Disclaimer: I was sent a couple of  Dr Beckmann's products in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.


Half term is closing in, and autumn is about to head into winter. As the days get darker and the weather wetter (it is the U.K. after all) no doubt your children will come home with a variety of stains on their school uniform. Here I'll share my top tips on looking after their school uniform, as well as why we love Dr Beckmann products!

Five tips for keeping school uniform in good condition

1. Buy an extra tee for "special" occasions

Every school year you will have those times when you want your children to look their best. In November Squidgy has her first school photo and the last thing I want is to send her in with tatty looking uniform! Having an extra tee at home that she will only wear for events like these will make sure she always looks her best.  It's also worth having more than one full uniform set anyway, as rotating what they wear will help it all last as long as possible.

2. Wash with colour collecting sheets

We have used Dr Beckmann's Colour and Dirt Collector sheets for years, and it makes such a difference to not have to worry about colours running (especially when my girls have a habit of "helping" by putting white socks and more in the dark wash!) With Squidgy's uniform made up of a variety of dark and light colours they are also perfect for ensuring her uniform stays bright and looking as good as the day it was bought until she out grows it.

3. Wash the uniform inside out

This is especially pertinent if the uniform has embroidered patches like Squidgy's. Washing the school uniform inside out is the best way to protect both the colour and the sewn on school logos. Do up zips to avoid them catching on other items in the wash and make sure you empty all their pockets too. You wouldn't believe the amount of "treasure" I have found when washing Squidgy's school uniform!

4. Use a cold wash and dry on a low heat

Although it is always important to check the manufacturer's care label; a cold, gentle wash cycle is best for school uniform (and most clothes if I'm honest!) This type of cycle will be sure to keep your children's school uniform from fading as quickly in the wash. Avoiding tumble drying it, or using a low heat on your dryer is also best. This will help to avoid the clothes shrinking and keep them looking their best for longer.

5. Don't forget to clean your washing machine

It is easy to forget that the washing machine cleans your clothes so will need cleaning too!  Cleaning your washing machine regularly will improve its performance during wash cycles, as well as lengthen the life span of the machine.

There are plenty of products available to help you including Dr Beckmann Service-it Deep Clean and Service-it Washing Machine Cleaner. We use these products together to get the best results, and it is so easy with step by step instructions! They recommend cleaning your machine every two months but with our machine doing at least one wash a day we do it once a month.

Three tips for stain removal

1. Use the right products

Dr Beckmann's Stain Devils Survival Kit is literally a life saver! There are three bottles included which target over fourty of the most stubborn stains including pen and paint (which Squidgy often comes home covered in!)

Although most products are safe for materials, be sure to check the label. For example Dr Beckmann Stain Devils cannot be used on leather, suede, carpets and upholstery. Apply the product to a small, inconspicuous area of the material first and leave it to check it doesn't have any adverse reactions. 

2. Treat a stain as soon as possible

To have the best success rate when it comes to removing stains, get ready to treat it as soon as you get back from the school run. Take the school uniform off as soon as you're home and treat the stain before popping the uniform into the wash.

It's not great to feel like you have extra work to do once they're home from school, but I promise it's worth it so you don't send them back in with stains on their uniform!

3. Soak the uniform in cold water first

Soaking clothes like school uniform in cold water will help to losen the stain from the fibres. This means when you then add a stain remover to the stain it is likely to be much more effective at completely removing the stain from your children's school uniform!

Squidgy absolutely loves school and is forever coming home covered in one thing or another. I hope these tips help you keep your children's uniforms in tip top condition throughout all the daily mess they are put through.


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