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I don't know whether It's the fact that John and I are just days away from celebrating nine years as a couple, or the fact that I am just getting old, but I had a, "I miss those days" moment recently. I finally begun to sort through the (literally thousands of) photos from holidays and days out ready to scrapbook them or slip them into albums and I've found some real beauties. They have made me just want to drop everything and book a trip through Holiday Gems and return to some of my favourite places, like Tenerife.

John and I took our first holiday abroad together there...

Before John and I got together I had only ever been abroad once, and that was on a charity mission to Uganda. Going on holiday will my boyfriend was a whole different experience and Tenerife with its beautiful beaches and lovely sunsets was a wonderful way to begin our holiday adventures together.

It's where John proposed to me...

Our first trip to Tenerife turned out to not only be and amazing first holiday abroad (and first holiday together!) but also a super eventful one. On one of our evenings out, at a lovely restaurant John picked out, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. That will mean that I will always put Tenerife near the top of my holiday destinations list.


There is no shortage of amazing restaurants to choose from...

On our trips to Tenerife we have tried out a tonne of different restaurants. Whether we were looking for local cuisine like we found at the Banana Garden Restaurant, prefer trying out something new like the greek cuisine we found at El Greco or you are a big fan of a decent steak like John and want to check out the Gran Reserva there was something for everyone and we didn't have to travel too far from our hotel for any of them.

John and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary there...

When we returned to Tenerife almost four years after our first visit it was with a few extra pounds and celebrating a new special occasion. We travelled for our second wedding anniversary and returned to Bombay Blue Indian Tandoori Restaurant which was where John had proposed to me during our first visit. It was amazing to go back there and he somehow even managed to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

You can find some amazing places to visit...

There is no shortage of places to visit while you are on the island, if like us you are not a massive fan of just lying around on the beach or by the side of the pool!

Jungle Park

We absolutely loved our visit to Jungle Park although I am not sure if I was to go back whether I could enjoy it in quite the same way as I could when I was younger and fitter! There were so many animals to see and plenty of places to explore.

Loro Parque

Another park we discovered during our first visit to Tenerife was Loro Parque and we loved it so much the first time that we visited that we went back for our second anniversary trip too. 

Monkey Park

We discovered the small yet amazing Monkey Park during our second trip to Tenerife, and we were so glad that we made the visit. You could not only see the monkeys but get hands on and feed the lemurs. It was a once in a life time experience and I will never forget our time there.

There are so many budget hotels that are absolutely lush...

On the trips that we made to Tenerife we didn't spend too much on the actual holiday... we prefer to take a little extra spending money with us as we know that we are likely to eat out and visit places for a fair amount of our time away, and so the hotel just needed to be decent enough for us to sleep with a roof over our heads. Luckily enough, however, even our budget hotels were absolutely amazing and we were so glad to have stayed in them.

You are never far from somewhere to get a decent cocktail...

One of the great things about going on holiday is that I don't have to be the designated driver, and there is always a restaurant or bar just a stones throw away from you. I love myself a yummy cocktail and that doesn't change when I head abroad, it simply makes it more acceptable to be drinking them in the middle of the day!

Things are different now, we have two beautiful children and the holidays that we take will always be planned ahead with them in mind. That doesn't mean that I can't dream about returning with John to all out favourite spots, and maybe even take the girls to show them where some of my fondest memories were made.ย