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If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my Insta stories a few weeks ago about our visit to Parkdean's Sunnydale Holiday Park. It was the second time that we had visited as we loved it so much two weeks prior, that we booked ourselves a second impromptu holiday when John had a week's holiday. Of course I had to write about it, so you could all see why I loved it so much that we went again!


We had an absolutely wonderful time during our second stay at Parkdean's Sunnydale Holiday Park, and when I think about how much our girls enjoyed being away, and see the photos of their happy faces it makes me so glad that we chose to go back for another trip. It was the fifth time we have stayed at a Parkdean caravan park and the second visit confirmed to us that it was the best that we have stayed at so far!

The caravan that we stayed in for our first weekend away at Parkdean's Sunnydale Holiday Park was pretty lovely (obviously, or we wouldn't have gone back otherwise!) but it was nothing compared to the amazing accommodation that we stayed in for our second visit. Complete with en suite, beautiful living room and fireplace, and so much space we didn't know what to do with ourselves; it really was a the most luxurious place we have ever stayed (and we have stayed in a fair few caravan parks up and down the U.K.!)

The time we spent together as a family, and of course the fact that daddy was on holiday with us, were definitely contributing factors to how much the girls loved being away. However the fact that we were in such an amazing environment, thanks to everything available on site at Parkdean's Sunnydale Holiday Park, and the beautiful caravan that we were in, definitely helped to keep us all relaxed and having a lovely time together. Relaxing in the caravan both as a family and also once the girls had gone to bed was so easy, and we even had a chance to watch a movie or two and have some fun online updating social media (which is a must for bloggers like me!) and checking out sites like Boomtown Bingo; thanks to the fact we even had 4G signal!


As we only went to Parkdean's Sunnydale Holiday Park for a couple of days the first time around, we didn't really have a chance to explore all the facilities that it has to offer, so we made sure that we explored them this time! One of the first places that Squidgy wanted to go was the soft play on site, and it was the first time that Little L has experienced a proper ball pit; which she found absolutely hilarious. The best part for both of them was throwing balls at me. As you do.

Sunnydale Holiday Park was the first Parkdean caravan park which we have visited that has had a soft play on site. It wasn't a massive area but it was perfect, especially as when we visited in October it was quiet and so the girls had the whole place to themselves. The bright colours fascinated Little L and of course having the run of the place was perfect for both of them; as she could explore as much as she liked and Squidgy could be as crazy as always without having to worry about anyone except her own sister.


The swimming pool was another place that we didn't make it to during our first visit to Parkdean's Sunnydale Holiday Park; but we made full use of it during our second visit. Squidgy is a total water baby just like me and even if I didn't want to go there was no way that she was going to let us go on holiday without making a trip down to the swimming pool. She loved it and the pool was perfect for families with a section at either side which was shallow enough for her to walk from one end to the other, and walled off from the main pool.


We were quite lucky that for most of the time that we were away for our second visit to Sunnydale Holiday Park, the weather was quite reasonable (albeit freezing cold) for and October in England so we got to check out Parkdean's outdoor play area. There were swings, slides, a seesaw and climbing areas for both younger and older children. Little L smiled on the baby slide and Squidgy had the best time showing off how clever she was climbing up and across the bigger frame.

The outdoor play area, swimming pool and soft play at Sunnydale Holiday Park were three fabulous ways that Parkdean had made their caravan site family friendly, however it wasn't just children that they had catered for. As per usual when you visit one of these caravan parks, there was an on site restaurant, bar and entertainment area. When you arrive you are given a weekly plan letting you know what is going on during your stay; and each caravan has a menu should you decide that you would like to eat there. We didn't try out the food, however the menu had a fabulous range of tasty sounding options.


Furthermore, in the center of the park they had their very own fishing lake, which John would have loved to try out and was super busy with visitors every day that we were there, even the days in the rain they were out there with their raincoats and umbrellas! It was so nice to see the variety of facilities that Parkdean had available at Sunnydale Holiday Park; and for us to be able to enjoy so many of them this time around. It wasn't just on site that we enjoyed our time as a family however.


A short drive up the road from Sunnydale Holiday Park is a small village called Mablethorpe and we had two fabulous trips there during both our first and second visits to Parkdean's caravan park and had so much fun together. We had ice creams over looking the ocean, donkey rides on the beach and of course a few trips to the arcade where we played on the 2p machines and rides and the girls had the best time together.


Also local to Sunnydale Holiday Park of course was Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary (which I previously reviewed on my blog here), and a little further out in Skegness is Fantasy Island. When we visited it was fabulous, the market was amazing and the rides were quiet. I can only imagine how busy it can get during the holiday season, and how amazing it would be at night when it is all lit up.

I definitely think that we will be making more trips to Sunnydale Holiday Park, and maybe one day we will even be able to own a caravan there so that we can stay there as regularly as we like. Parkdean have some wonderful parks up and down the U.K. and I am so glad that we found this one!

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