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Have you read my Sisterly Love: Bonding Before Baby Arrives post? If you have, you'll know that we've did as much as possible to involve Squidgy in the pregnancy. I was pretty ill from start to end, but it was always important that Squidgy had a bond with her new baby sister. That bond has only grown since Pickle arrived in the world, but it has been a period of adjustment for all of us.

Today's post is a little throwback to the day we came home; and a special bag of presents for Squidgy which we put together.

Why did we put together a “Big Sister” bag for Squidgy?

As parents, we're not the only ones whose loves change with the arrival of a new baby. To help with this huge transition, we put together a good bag for Squidgy, packed along side Pickle and my hospital bags.

Where did I buy Squidgy's “Big Sister” gifts?

I did pretty much all the shopping for Squidgy's big sister gifts on Amazon. There was two reasons for this. 

  1. I was quite unwell throughout my pregnancy, and towards the end was meant to be on bed rest. Online shopping is a winner in this situation.

  2. We have Amazon Prime, which means free and fast delivery.

What did we include in Squidgy's bag?

Activities for Squidgy to enjoy

GALT first colouring pad and crayons

The main purpose of the bag was to help with the transition to being a big sister, but I also had to think about the options if I was to end up staying in hospital for longer than a few hours. Including activities like colouring books was ideal for keeping her occupied.

Squidgy is obsessed with anything arts and crafts, so this Galt 'First Colouring Pad'† was an obvious, perfect addition to her bag.

A wooden peg puzzle

Whilst colouring is fun, crayons and toddlers aren't something that should be left unattended. As another addition to the activity products in the bag I ordered this wooden sea creature peg puzzle† which Squidgy loves and I'm sure Pickle will enjoy in the future too. Make sure you order products like these with plenty of time however! They may be cheap but can take a little while to arrive as they're often not on Amazon Prime.

A few sister themed gifts

Rachel Fuller’s “My New Baby” book

Do you have a routine when it comes to bedtime? We do. It includes bathtime, reading a book, praying and singing together. Squidgy loves books, and would have me read to her all night if she could! Scrolling through the options on Amazon I found this 'My New Baby' board book†, which is wonderful. Squidgy loves it and it is perfect to teach toddlers about the new addition to their family.

A “Best Sister” t-shirt or two

Even when I was seriously ill during my pregnancy with Pickle, food shopping was essential. On one of our weekly food shops, John and I came across a short and long sleeved “Best Sister” t-shirts in Morrisons; which I picked up for less than a fiver in the sale!

A Me to You “Sister” bauble

With Pickle due less than ten days before Christmas (and with it being my favourite time of year!) it was inevitable that something Christmas themed would end up in the bag! This bauble is glass, so super fragile, but will be an amazing keepsake for Squidgy in the years to come. John found it in Clintons, and after a few quick messages on WhatsApp bought it to add to the bag.

A Me to You “Lovely Sister” bear

As you may already know, I collect all things Me To You; so it was inevitable that something with this brand would end up in the bag. Not only did we include the bauble; but I also found this lovely Me To You 'Lovely Sister' Tatty Teddy soft toy† on Amazon which to this day she treasures and keeps pride of place on a shelf in her bedroom.

A Dora the Explorer DVD

Finally, one of Squidgy's favourite TV shows (alongside Paw Patrol!) is Dora the Explora. When I spotted this super cheap Dora 'Big Sister' DVD† on Amazon, I just had to order it. It is a perfect addition to her DVD collection and fits right into the theme of the gift which we chose for her.

It was so wonderful to see the look on Squidgy's face as she opened each gift, and even more special to see how she wanted Pickle to be included and watch the DVD with her and join us for bedtime reading. The next day she was at nursery she demanded to wear her 'Best Sister' t-shirt, and was so happy to show off to everyone that she had a new role.

Who knows if things would have been different if we hadn’t put the bag together. However it didn't break the bank to put the gifts together; so I think that if we are to have anymore children in the future it is likely that we will do the same again for both Squidgy and Pickle. As far as whether I would recommend putting together a bag for your child who is about to become a sibling? The answer is yes! Do it!


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New Big Sister Gifts

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