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In some ways it feels like we've been a family of four forever, and in others like it was yesterday that we welcomed our youngest daughter into the world. Although it was eight weeks ago, today's post is a little throwback to the day we came home. To help with the transition of bringing her little sister into our home, we did a goody bag for our toddler - something that went down very well!

We decided early on in to my pregnancy, that we would do everything that we could to help the transition of our toddler into sisterhood. You may have read my Sisterly Love // Bonding Before Baby Arrives post and today I am sharing about the bag of gifts we gave to her from her baby sister; which was pour way of helping her once our new addition arrived.

I did pretty much all the shopping for R's big sister gifts on Amazon - for two reason. 

  1. Online shopping when you are ill, pregnant and trying to look after a toddler makes life so much easier.

  2. My hubby has Amazon Prime on his account, which means free and fast delivery.

One of R's favourite pass times is doing anything crafty. The first item I searched for on Amazon was a cheap colouring book and crayons... That was when I came across the Galt 'First Colouring Pad'.
Bed time for R has always included a story as part of our routine, so of course we had to get her a book for her gift bag. Scrolling throuygh the options on Amazon I found this 'My New Baby' board book, which is woderful, and R loves it.
Typing 'gifts for a big sister' into the Amazon search bar brings up a wide selection of items... but not all are toddler appropriate. When I came across this wooden sea creature peg puzzle I thought it couldn't be any more perfect.

Not only is it a fun activity (R loves to take the pieces out and re-insert them!) it is also a fabulous teaching tool - allowing us to talk R through colours, and animal names. Furthermore, it is remarkably cheap.

Some basic tees from Morrisons and Debenhams, both of which I picked up for less than a fiver in the shops' sales; were a perfect addition to the bag.

As Little L was due so close to Christmas, what could be better than to include a decoration for the tree for the new big sister?

As you may already know, I collect all things Me To You; so it was inevitable that something with this brand would end up in the bag. Not only did we include one item (the bauble) but I also found this lovely Me To You 'Lovely Sister' Tatty Teddy soft toy on Amazon.
Finally, one of R's favourite TV shows alongside Paw Patrol is Dora the Explora. When I came across this super cheap Dora 'Big Sister' DVD on Amazon, I just had to order it.

It was so wonderful to see the look on R's face as she opened each gift - and even more special to see how she wanted Little L to be included and watch the DVD with her and join us for bedtime reading.

She proudly wore one of her 'big sister' tees to nursery at the first opportunity, and was so happy to show off to everyone that she had a new role.

Who knows if things would have been different without it, but it didn't break the bank to put her bag together - so I would certainly do it again if we have anymore children in the future - and I would highly reccommend the experience to all of you too!