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As a blogger, there are plenty of things that I have that I use every day from my phone and camera, to my diary and laptop. As such it is quite easy to come up with a selection of the perfect gifts that you can buy for the blogger in your life this Christmas; from the fun and quirky to the downright expensive indulgences.


For an Organised Blogging Life

2018 Diary and/or Planner

One of my fellow bloggers, Aby from You Baby, Me Mummy has compiled her list of the eleven best planners for bloggers which you can find on her website here; but I think that my top choice would have to be Webster's Pages Planners.

Memory Stick and/or Portable External Hardrive

If you want something cute with a bit of a novelty facor (maybe you need a secret santa gift for someone you know is a blogger!) then getting them something like this Ciplak® 16GB Memory Stick shaped like a DSLR camera is bound to do the trick. It's a bargain and it will help to store some of their documents or photos; and having a back up is so important!
Let's be honest though; with the amount of photos that we take as bloggers, and blog posts we write and publish, I don't really think that a memory stick will quite cut it (as cute and awesome as that one may be!) In that case, the only thing to do is gift a portable external hardrive, like this 1TB Seagate External Hardrive. That way they can back up as much as they like and be sure that should anything unfortunate happen to their computer or website they have a sure fire way of getting it all back.

Blogging Essentials


Point and Shoot (or DSLR whichever they don't already have!)

Whether the blogger you are buying for needs a fancy camera for their photography like the Nikon I have; or need something a little bit more compact that they can tuck away in their coat pocket when they are out and about; there are so many options around to choose from. It may be an expensive choice but I love the Panasonic LX15 Lumix camera as my choice of point and shoot. Obviously I love my Nikon D3300 camera so I'd recommend that to anyone looking to buy a starter DSLR camera.

Accessories for the Blogging Essentials



I have a Nikon camera that I got for my birthday earlier this year, and it has been one of the best investments ever in terms of bringing my photography up to the next level. The next item on my list is to upgrade my lens. When doing a bit of research (and speaking to a couple of people who know all about these things...) I decided that the Prime Lens range would be the best choice. The Nikon 50 mm F/1.8 D FX Full Frame Prime Lens is on my wishlist this Christmas.


I absolutely love the Joby GorillaPod Original Tripods and would love to add it to my home. It can be so hard when I want a picture that includes me in it, or if I want a picture that has my whole family in it, unless there is someone else around to hold the camera. As a blogger I am forever taking photos, but even before that I would take hundreds to ensure that we have plenty of memories of every moment that we spend together. Having a product such as Joby's GorillaPod tripod would make my life so much easier! Alternatively a basic lightweight, portable tripod like this one on Amazon is budget friendly and will certainly do the job!


Clip-On HD Phone Camera Lens Kit

If, like me, the blogger you are buying for tends to take a lot of photos on their phone, then purchasing a clip on lens kit like this awesome Olixar Premium HD lens kit from Mobile Fun* is the perfect gift for them. Mine has three lenses included... Fish bowl, macro and super wide. So whether they want to be able to get a shot of the snow across their whole garden, or a close up of the icicles that make it up this is the kit for them!


In the same way that a tripod is an essential product for use with a blogger's camera, it is super useful to have for their smart phone too. This smart phone tripod from Lost World Gifts* is one of the best products I have in my handbag. With its rubber feet, wrappable legs and secure phone slot (which is adjustable to fit different phone sizes!) this product is perfect for capturing those photos that a selfie just wouldn't do justice.

Portable Charging Power Bank

I know I am not the only one who uses their phone so much it is constantly running out of battery. As a blogger my whole job is to be taking photos or be on social media (not a bad thing, that's for sure!) and having a power bank and cable close by for the inevitable moments it runs out of battery is always a good thing. I have three (all from Primark) just to be extra certain I will never run out of battery. The trick is to not forget to charge them once they have been used though!

Selfie Stick

Fitting everybody you are with, or everything around you, in a photo can be tricky, especially if you want to include yourself in it too. That is where a selfie stick comes in handy. There are three reasons they make the perfect gift for bloggers this Christmas:

1. They are a totally in-expensive item to buy.
2. They are available in so many places (mine is from Primark).
3. They are also super easy to use... the proof of which is I allowed Squidgy to have a go and she thought the whole thing was awesome.

For the Novelty Factor

Little Miss Blogger Mug

No blogger is complete without a mug in hand of their favourite drink as they sit at the computer and try to get their groove on. Mr Men and Little Miss books are a big hit in this house hold so when I came across this awesome Little Miss Blogger mug from* I knew I just had to have one!  You can never have too many mugs after all, and this one is obviously  perfect as a gift for a blogger (it is in the name after all!)

For Adding a Bit of Spice to Blog Photos

Speech Bubble Light Box

I love my Gingersnap speech bubble light box* and it certainly adds a bit of spice to my photos! Light boxes have been a growing trend in the past few months for bloggers, but I love that this one is a little different. Complete with a wipeable black pen and working with AA batteries, this light box is the perfect gift for any blogger this Christmas. I know it fits into my home perfectly and as I often stay up later than my husband it is the perfect way to leave him a message for those early mornings before he heads to work!

Back Drops

When it comes to blog photography it is all about the environment you shoot your photos in. Sometimes natural outdoor photography works. Other times you need to create a clean background to focus on the product (or person) you are photographing and that's where backdrops come in. Whether you buy purpose designed products such or some strips of material or even vinyl floor tiles (I totally have some of these!) there are plenty of options all of which will be the perfect gift for a blogger like me! 


Props to include in flatlays and other photos are always good gifts for bloggers. Being able to mix it up and create fun, interesting photography is an important part of our job. The photography is always going to be a key part of our blogging and so little lights, cute ornament and other small props will always go down well as a gift for a blogger! 

Just Because...

Polaroid Camera

I absolutely love my Polaroid PIC-300 camera, and it's not just clever (and obviously a massive throwback to my 90s childhood) but it's a fun thing to have in your household too. For a blogger like me, it is also a good gift for doing crazy things like one of this year's Elf on a Shelf posts on Instagram

Coffee Shop Gift Card

Bloggers are often found working with a big cup of coffee, and many of us like to work in coffee shops. Not only does it get those of us whose only job is exclusively blogging, out of the house; but it also gives us somewhere comfortable and warm to work, free WiFi included! Popping a gift card for the blogger in your life's favourite coffee shop (mine is Costa if you're wondering!) into a card for Christmas is a great way to put a smile on their face. 

Blogging Conference Tickets

There are a number of blogging conferences throughout the year, and most of them you are required to buy tickets for. Unless you are lucky enough to win them in a competition, it can be quite an expensive thing for bloggers to buy if they want to attend; and they are worth attending for networking and face to face time with both brands and other bloggers. Buying them a ticket to one or more is bound to keep the blogger in your life happy!


Disclaimer: Although this post is written of my own volition, some of the products I have been sent for the purpose of testing them out for review. These products are highlighted by the use of an asterisk (*) beside them. This post may also contain affiliate links. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.


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