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When I came up with the prompts for this year’s #Blogmas I didn’t really think through what I would write for each post before actually starting them. My first thoughts for this wishlist were items that I would love to get for Christmas, but then I realised with so much already my real wishes are much more personal than that. Here are my top Christmas wishes for 2018.

I wish… to not lose my love for Christmas.

Christmas is my favourite time of year, but with all the mental health battles I have had this year I worry that even Christmas may not be enough to keep me calm and panic free. Thankfully so far the decorations, lights, fun and plans have helped me keep on top of things, long may it continue.

I wish… for Squidgy to do well in her first Nativity.

Squidgy is an angel and my mum kindly bought her a new angel outfit! The one she had last year sadly no longer fits (although she did look super cute!) I can’t wait to see her in her new one, and she is so excited about the ‘big show’.

I wish… that the girls enjoy the magic of Santa!

The first year each of the girls met Santa they were so grumpy, despite enjoying the winter wonderland before meeting him. This year they are so excited about seeing Santa, so I really hope they enjoy it and don’t get upset or grumpy before we go into the grotto.

I wish… for snow!

This is not something that a lot of people will be wishing for this year, especially with the insane weather we had earlier in the year (we had a beach holiday in the snow!) however I love snow, and seeing my girls enjoying it is the best thing ever.

I wish... that John could be around more.

This one I know is unlikely to come to pass, at least for a few years yet. Don't get me wrong I appreciate all he does to provide for our family, but the long hours and strange shift patterns are hard on all of us. The girls and I miss him, and especially at this time of year, I wish he didn't have to work so much.

I wish... I could get some sleep.

This may seem like an obscure one, and I guess it could apply all year round. However between insomnia and two little girls who like to get up in the night I am exhausted. I'd love if I could have just a couple of decent night's sleep!

So there you are, a few Christmas wishes… Unlike many wishlists which probably include a number of gift ideas, mine is more personal, but I think its perfect. I would love to hear your Christmas wishes for this year. Let me know in the comments section below, and of course you can always link up any wishlist posts in the #Blogmas linky below.


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Wishing you a very Happy Christmas from my family and me this year!


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