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There are a number of different traditions that people have at Christmas time, and (no surprise here…) my home is no different. John and I have a mash up of different traditions that we have carried forward from our own childhoods alongside new ones that we have made together as a couple and a family once the children joined us. I hope you enjoy reading about our family Christmas traditions.

Christmas decorating

Did you see my “Christmas Grotto Home” post about decorating my house for Christmas earlier in the month? One of the biggest traditions in our home is to go all out for Christmas when it comes to decorating and turning our home into a magical Christmas winter wonderland.

↓ Watch a slide show of my Christmas decorations! ↓

Handmade DIY advent calendars

John’s mum made their family advent calendars when John was a child, and she even put her hand to sewing together two beautiful, handmade advent calendars for our girls. Sometimes they are filled with chocolate, but mostly I try and find alternatives such as hair bow clips and more.

Elf on the Shelf

Since Squidgy’s first Christmas I have done Elf on the Shelf… although usually she is nice rather than naughty! You can see all the Elf on the Shelf ideas in my roundup posts here.

Christmas Eve box

Having a gift on Christmas Eve has always been something that John and I have done as a couple, and after having our girls, it has evolved into the yearly Christmas Eve box that we put together.

Christmas Eve tipple as a couple

Ever since our first Christmas together, it has been a little tradition of John’s and mine to have a little tipple before bed. Our usual favourite is a glass of Irish cream liqueur.

Christmas tree fairy (or angel!)

This is another tradition carried forward from John’s childhood. You nominate a Christmas fairy (or angel) who selects a gift for each member of the family from under the tree throughout the day. This ensures every one gets a turn and also spreads the gifts out allowing for the children to enjoy what they receive before opening something else.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our Christmas traditions… I would love to hear about your own family traditions at Christmas. Share them in the comments below and link up you Christmas traditions blog posts as part of my #Blogmas linky below.


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Wishing you a very Happy Christmas from my family and me this year!     


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