Preparing For Baby

When you are preparing for the arrival of your baby, it is yet another time when what you do will be affected by whether this baby is your first child. Another think that will affect you preparation will be whether or not you know the gender of your baby. I will share a little of the experiences that I have had and hopefully point you in the right direction for your preparation too.

Get the nursery ready...

If you are lucky enough (like we are) to already have a space that will be your baby's room, it's a good idea to get it ready as soon as possible.

Although Little L will be sleeping in our Chicco Next 2 Me crib for the first few months, we have got her a nursery ready in the small corner room in our home. We have R's old cot bed and furniture all set up and everything ready to go for when she moves into her own room. I wrote a short post giving you a sneaky peak Inside Little L's Nursery in November!

Get baby's clothes ready...

If, like me, you already have a child (or children); know the gender of your baby; and still have a few bits (or all of it, like me) it's time to start washing. It is so strange - but also amazing - to see little baby items hanging on the line again. 

I am so used to hanging out John, R and my clothing it was bizarre to see such tiny articles out on the line.

Prepare Baby's Older Sibling(s)...

I wrote a post about R bonding with her baby sister bump, called, 'Sisterly Love // Bonding Before Baby Arrives'. It's worth a read if you are interested in greater detail on this point.

Thankfully, we have not had to try too hard to prepare her, as R is super excited. She already adores her baby sister, and spends most of the day playing tea parties, cuddling, kissing and chatting away to "her" baby in mummy's tummy.

We have started to prepare her however for when the little one arrives, because it will be a massive change to all of our lives - hers included. Here's a few things we have done with and for her to get ready:

  • Involved her in all the appointments.
  • Ordered a gorgeous personalised bag to be handmade by John's cousin from Ammers With Love.
  • Chosen a few gifts to put in her new bag from her baby sister, not spending any more than Β£5 on each item... You can read a full account of what we have packed for R in the post I wrote about packing a sibling bag.

Choose where to give birth...

When I was pregnant with R, I was assigned a hospital. When we moved house in order to have enough space for us to bring a little one home I chose to stay at that hospital, even though I was out of the usual "catchment" area.

You have the right to choose.

Thankfully I'm happy with the hospital I have in my new city, and have (thanks to a couple of trips I've already had to make...) had some good experiences with the various members of the team there.

Alternatively, if you choose to, you can also have a homebirth. I myself was born at home, as were my brothers. Despite this, I don't think that homebirth is for me - unless of course Little L comes so quickly I don't have a choice!

Pack your baby's hospital bag...

This is something that is obviously super important when it comes to preparing for baby's arrival. If you have decided not to have a home birth you will need a selection of items to take with you to the hospital when you have your little one.

I wrote a post a wee while ago which may be useful for this - named 'Packing Your Baby Hospital Bag' - and it includes my ultimate ticklist which you can print too!

Shortlist names for your baby...

We had a girl and a boy name for R when we found out we were only carrying one and not twins. We kept the same boy choice this time around and came up with a couple of girl options between the two of us. 

Our decision was pretty much made by our two year old, who picked one of the names when we were talking about it with her, and this is now the name we are calling Little L.

There are plenty of places that you can use for inspiration, and - as always - good ol' Baby Centre has a great A - Z list you can look through.