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It is no secret that I adore doing my girl’s hair, and I have accumulated quite a collection of accessories since having Squidgy almost five years ago. In particular I have quite a few bows and it unsurprisingly as the range of bow choices has expanded, so has the mess and occasionally missing bow. With The Hair Helper we now have a fantastic way to keep Squidgy’s bows organised. Here are my thoughts on The Hair Helper and why every little girl should have one.

What you need

The Hair Helper comes in a box with all the bits you need to be able to put it together and hang it onto the wall for storing all the hair accessories you can find. However there are a few things that you will need to have at home ready to put it together. You need a cross-head screwdriver as well as pins or screws for the wall. There are two mounting plates to attach to the back, as well as the ring to hold a hairbrush or comb of your choice. Once the screws are in place, all you need to do is choose a spot to hang it on the wall!

How it works

The Hair Helper is a super simple product really, but in its simplicity it is totally perfect! It is made up of a frame, with a hook on the side for a hair brush, two at the bottom for headbands and hair ties, plus of course the ribbons in the center to hold all the clips you can fit. You can fit over thirty standard clips onto the ribbons whilst I managed to fit six standard sized bows or ten small bow on the length of ribbon.

Make your choices

My favourite thing about The Hair Helper is the variety of personalisation options that are available to choose from. From the colour of the frame itself, to the ribbons and stickers you have a choice to make at every stage. The frame is available in pink or white. You then have to choose three ribbons, from a variety of options including: white, pink, turquoise, purple, red, lime, pink gingham and red polka dot. Last but definitely not least you can choose letters and motifs (I obviously chose ‘Squidgy’s Bows’ with unicorns which are her favourite!) Whatever choices you make, you are bound to end up with a fabulous, unique holder to fill up with hair accessories to your hearts content.

I am so pleased to have the Hair Helper in our home, and Squidgy loves the fact that all her bows are organised and in reach so that she can make a choice each day as to which bow, headband and hair tie she wants me to use to do her hair. So whether you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift as we head towards the big day, or simply need a way to tame the hair accessory mess, be sure to check out The Hair Helper website and order your own today!

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Disclaimer: I was sent a couple The Hair Helper in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.